Orica Dividend History ASX ORI Dividends Yield and Payout Ratio

Orica paid dividend of 16.5c per share on 08 Jul 2020. The ex-dividend date for this dividend was 28 May 2020. The dividend amount was paid at franking rate of 0%. Orica is paying dividends since or before Jul 2010.

The dividend yield of ORI is 1.60%. The dividend yield is defined as amount of dividend paid divided by the share price.

The average dividend yield in last 5 years is 2.84%. The ORI dividend payout ratio is 178.38%. The dividend payout ratio is defined as dividend amount divided by earning per share (EPS). If the dividend payout ratio is more than 100% then it means the company is paying more in dividend than what it is currently earning. For a good dividend paying company the ideal payout ratio should be less than 70%.

Key Dividend Metrics

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Orica (ASX:ORI) Latest Dividend

Following is the latest dividend details announced to the eligible shareholders of Orica (ASX:ORI). The dividend was paid to those shareholders who held the shares until the ex-dividend date.

Ex. Dividend DateThursday, 28 May 2020
Dividend Payment DateWednesday, 08 Jul 2020
Dividend Amount16.5c
Franking Rate0%
Dividend Type

Orica Dividend History

Following table shows the history of dividend amount, ex-dividend date, payment date for Orica.

Ex-DatePay-DateAmountFranking rateType
28 May 202008 Jul 202016.5c0%
12 Nov 201913 Dec 201933c15.15%
30 May 201901 Jul 201922c0%
12 Nov 201807 Dec 201831.5c0%
31 May 201802 Jul 201820c0%
14 Nov 201708 Dec 201728c0%
31 May 201703 Jul 201723.5c12.77%
10 Nov 201609 Dec 201629c27.59%
31 May 201601 Jul 201620.5c48.78%
25 Nov 201518 Dec 201556c35.71%
28 May 201501 Jul 201540c35%
01 Dec 201419 Dec 201456c35.71%
29 May 201401 Jul 201440c40%
19 Nov 201313 Dec 201355c100%
28 May 201301 Jul 201339c38.47%
20 Nov 201214 Dec 201254c44.45%
28 May 201202 Jul 201238c36.85%
14 Nov 201109 Dec 201153c100%
26 May 201101 Jul 201137c48.64%
11 Nov 201010 Dec 201054c100%
26 May 201002 Jul 201041c39.02%

Orica Dividend Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ex-dividend date of Orica (ORI)?

The ex-dividend date for most recent dividend of Orica was 28 May 2020.

2. What is the payment date for most recent dividend of Orica (ORI)?

As per the latest dividend details, the dividend payment date was 08 Jul 2020.

3. What is the dividend yeild of Orica (ORI)?

The trailing twelve months dividend yeild of Orica is 1.60%.

4. How often does the Orica (ORI) pays Dividends?

In 2020, Orica paid dividends in Invalid date making its dividend payment frequency 1 times in a year.

5. What is the dividend payout ratio of Orica (ORI)?

The latest dividend payout ratio of Orica (ORI) was 178.38%.

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