ASX Upcoming Floats and IPO Listings in 2021

ASX Upcoming Floats and IPO listings. The date of listing is the proposed dates for first quotation of securities set out in the companys' prospectus. Also the ASX trading symbols are proposed only and are subjected to change without notice.

Upcoming Floats on ASX

Updated 23 Sep 2021
Proposed ASX symbolCompany nameProposed listing date
ATVActiveport Group LtdTBA
ALVAlvo Minerals LimitedTBA
AUEAurum Resources Limited14 October 2021
AR1Austral Resources Australia Ltd3 November 2021 12:00 PM
BEZBesra Gold Inc26 October 2021 12:00 PM AEST
C29C29 Metals Limited1 October 2021 12:30PM AEST
DALDalaroo Metals Ltd28 September 2021 11:30 AM AEST
DBODiablo Resources Limited12 October 2021 11:30AM AEST
E79E79 Gold Mines Limited6 October 2021 11:30AM AEST
EMSEastern Metals Limited11 October 2021 11:00 AM
EQNEquinox Resources Limited22 October 2021 1:00PM AEST
FRSForrestania Resources LimitedTBA
GT1Green Technology Metals Limited28 October 2021 12:30 PM AEST
ITMiTech Minerals Ltd25 October 2021
KNBKoonenberry gold Limited28 September 2021 12:30 PM AEST
LISLiS Energy Limited
LKNLukin Resources Limited21 October 2021 11:00AM AEST
MI6Minerals 260 Limited11 October 2021
MMCMitre Mining Corporation Limited30 September 2021 11:30AM AEST
NISNickelSearch Limited6 October 2021 1:00PM AEST
PEBPacific Edge Limited27 September 2021 11:00AM AEST
RECRecharge Metals Limited5 October 2021 11:30 AM AEST
REMRemSense Technologies Limited12 October 2021 2:00 PM
RM1Resilience Mining Mongolia Limited12 October 2021 11:00 AM AEST
SMSStar Minerals Limited30 September 2021 11:30 AM AEST
TVLTouch Ventures Limited29 September 2021 11:00AM AEST
WC1West Cobar Metals Limited1 October 2021 11:30AM AEST

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