ASX Upcoming Dividends and Latest Dividend Announcements

Upcoming dividends announced for stocks trading in ASX. The table shows dividends for all stocks that have been announced as of May 19, 2024.

Dividends are usually announced to the market 4-6 weeks before the ex-dividend date. To receive a dividend, shares in a company must be purchased BEFORE the ex-dividend date. Selling the stock on the ex-dividend date would mean share holder is still entitled to that dividend. Dividends are paid on on the payment date several weeks after the ex-dividend date.

The stock price of the company usually fall by at least the amount of dividend on ex-dividend date. Investor must consider this fact when buying or selling the stocks.

Upcoming Dividends of ASX Listed Companies

ASX code Company name Ex-Date Amount Franking
WBC Westpac Banking Corporation 9 May 24 $0.15 100%
MQG Macquarie Group Limited 13 May 24 $3.85 40%
ANZ ANZ Group Holdings Limited 13 May 24 $0.83 65%
AMC Amcor plc 21 May 24 $0.13 0%
NEM Newmont Corporation 3 Jun 24 $0.25 0%
PMV Premier Investments Limited 18 Jun 24 $0.63 100%