Fletcher Building Dividend History ASX FBU Dividends Yield and Payout Ratio

Fletcher Building paid dividend of 8.97c per share on 09 Apr 2020. The ex-dividend date for this dividend was 19 Mar 2020. The dividend amount was paid at franking rate of 0%. Fletcher Building is paying dividends since or before Apr 2010.

The dividend yield of FBU is 1.70%. The dividend yield is defined as amount of dividend paid divided by the share price.

The FBU dividend payout ratio is 0.00%. The dividend payout ratio is defined as dividend amount divided by earning per share (EPS). If the dividend payout ratio is more than 100% then it means the company is paying more in dividend than what it is currently earning. For a good dividend paying company the ideal payout ratio should be less than 70%.

Key Dividend Metrics

Dividend yield
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Payout ratio
5Y Avg. yield

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Fletcher Building (ASX:FBU) Latest Dividend

Following is the latest dividend details announced to the eligible shareholders of Fletcher Building (ASX:FBU). The dividend was paid to those shareholders who held the shares until the ex-dividend date.

Ex. Dividend DateThursday, 19 Mar 2020
Dividend Payment DateThursday, 09 Apr 2020
Dividend Amount8.97c
Franking Rate0%
Dividend Type

Fletcher Building Dividend History

Following table shows the history of dividend amount, ex-dividend date, payment date for Fletcher Building.

Ex-DatePay-DateAmountFranking rateType
19 Mar 202009 Apr 20208.97c0%
28 Aug 201919 Sep 201911.97c0%
21 Mar 201910 Apr 20196.52c0%
21 Sep 201711 Oct 201717.36c0%
23 Mar 201712 Apr 201718.35c0%
22 Sep 201612 Oct 201616.14c0%
23 Mar 201613 Apr 201614.57c0%
23 Sep 201514 Oct 201517.23c0%
25 Mar 201515 Apr 201514.95c0%
24 Sep 201415 Oct 201416.45c0%
24 Mar 201416 Apr 201414.46c0%
23 Sep 201316 Oct 201315.04c0%
22 Mar 201316 Apr 201311.63c100%
24 Sep 201217 Oct 201213.58c0%
26 Mar 201218 Apr 201211.39c100%
26 Sep 201119 Oct 201113.56c0%
28 Feb 201101 Apr 201110.23c100%
27 Sep 201020 Oct 201010.63c0%
25 Mar 201021 Apr 20109.89c0%

Fletcher Building Dividend Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ex-dividend date of Fletcher Building (FBU)?

The ex-dividend date for most recent dividend of Fletcher Building was 19 Mar 2020.

2. What is the payment date for most recent dividend of Fletcher Building (FBU)?

As per the latest dividend details, the dividend payment date was 09 Apr 2020.

3. What is the dividend yeild of Fletcher Building (FBU)?

The trailing twelve months dividend yeild of Fletcher Building is 1.70%.

4. How often does the Fletcher Building (FBU) pays Dividends?

In 2020, Fletcher Building paid dividends in Invalid date making its dividend payment frequency 1 times in a year.

5. What is the dividend payout ratio of Fletcher Building (FBU)?

The latest dividend payout ratio of Fletcher Building (FBU) was 0.00%.

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