Smiths Group plc (LSE:SMIN) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Smiths Group plc (LSE:SMIN) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Smiths Group plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Smiths Group plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Smiths Group plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Smiths Group plc (SMIN).

03 May 2022Scherrer (Clare)25,000463,675Bought at price 18.55 per share.
03 May 2022Buckley (Sir George)84315,624Bought at price 18.53 per share.
03 May 2022Hoeing (Karin)2204,077Bought at price 18.53 per share.
10 Mar 2022Dodge & Cox5,897--
01 Feb 2022Hoeing (Karin)2064,403Bought at price 21.38 per share.
01 Feb 2022Buckley (Sir George)79116,907Bought at price 21.38 per share.
27 Jan 2022Dodge & Cox460,868--
14 Dec 2021Dodge & Cox92,619--
01 Nov 2021Shipsey (John Francis)6,393--
01 Nov 2021Shipsey (John Francis)3,01356,436Sold at price 18.73 per share.
01 Nov 2021Buckley (Sir George)771,456Bought at price 18.92 per share.
14 Oct 2021Seligman (Mark Donald)1,00019,662Bought at price 19.66 per share.
13 Oct 2021Shipsey (John Francis)18,209--
13 Oct 2021Shipsey (John Francis)8,580166,529Sold at price 19.41 per share.
04 Oct 2021Shipsey (John Francis)3,16662,104Bought at price 19.62 per share.
04 Oct 2021Shipsey (John Francis)3,73673,337Bought at price 19.63 per share.
04 Oct 2021Tata (Noel Naval)2,00039,070Bought at price 19.54 per share.
27 Sep 2021Shipsey (John Francis)0--
27 Sep 2021Tata (Noel Naval)0--
27 Sep 2021Cheng (Pam P)0--
27 Sep 2021Columbia Threadneedle Investments (UK)0--
27 Sep 2021Dodge & Cox0--
27 Sep 2021Dowling (Dame Ann)0--
27 Sep 2021Fratto (Tanya)0--
27 Sep 2021Harris Associates, L.P.0--
27 Sep 2021Jupiter Asset Management Ltd0--
27 Sep 2021Keel (Paul A)0--
27 Sep 2021Seeger (William C)0--
27 Sep 2021Seligman (Mark Donald)0--
27 Sep 2021Artemis Investment Management LLP0--
27 Sep 2021BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited0--
04 Aug 2021Keel (Paul A)25,000491,174Bought at price 19.65 per share.
02 Aug 2021Buckley (Sir George)79617,347Bought at price 21.79 per share.
31 Jul 2021Buckley (Sir George)0--
31 Jul 2021Cheng (Pam P)0--
31 Jul 2021Columbia Threadneedle Investments (UK)0--
31 Jul 2021Jupiter Asset Management Ltd0--
31 Jul 2021Keel (Paul A)0--
31 Jul 2021Shipsey (John Francis)0--
31 Jul 2021Smiths Industries Employee Benefit Trust0--
31 Jul 2021Tata (Noel Naval)0--
31 Jul 2021Dodge & Cox0--
31 Jul 2021Dowling (Dame Ann)0--
31 Jul 2021Fratto (Tanya)0--
31 Jul 2021Harris Associates, L.P.0--
31 Jul 2021Artemis Investment Management LLP0--
31 Jul 2021BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited0--
31 Jul 2021Seeger (William C)0--
31 Jul 2021Seligman (Mark Donald)0--
04 May 2021Buckley (Sir George)77017,362Bought at price 22.55 per share.
01 Feb 2021Buckley (Sir George)86017,082Bought at price 19.86 per share.
01 Feb 2021Dodge & Cox197,676--
02 Nov 2020Buckley (Sir George)94816,145Bought at price 17.03 per share.
27 Oct 2020Smith (Andrew Reynolds)28,618--
27 Oct 2020Smith (Andrew Reynolds)13,485248,879Sold at price 18.46 per share.
15 Oct 2020Shipsey (John Francis)12,119215,197Sold at price 17.76 per share.
15 Oct 2020Smith (Andrew Reynolds)27,349485,636Sold at price 17.76 per share.
13 Oct 2020Shipsey (John Francis)25,499--
13 Oct 2020Smith (Andrew Reynolds)57,544--
21 Sep 2020Shipsey (John Francis)0--
21 Sep 2020Smith (Andrew Reynolds)0--
21 Sep 2020Tata (Noel Naval)0--
21 Sep 2020Angelici (Bruno Francois Jules)0--
21 Sep 2020Artemis Investment Management LLP0--
21 Sep 2020BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited0--
21 Sep 2020Bohuon (Olivier)0--
21 Sep 2020Buckley (Sir George)0--
21 Sep 2020Columbia Threadneedle Investments (UK)0--
21 Sep 2020Dodge & Cox0--
21 Sep 2020Dowling (Dame Ann)0--
21 Sep 2020Fratto (Tanya)0--
21 Sep 2020Harris Associates, L.P.0--
21 Sep 2020Jupiter Asset Management Ltd0--
21 Sep 2020Seeger (William C)0--
21 Sep 2020Seligman (Mark Donald)0--
04 Aug 2020Tata (Noel Naval)2,00037,090Bought at price 18.55 per share.
03 Aug 2020Buckley (Sir George)91916,349Bought at price 17.79 per share.
31 Jul 2020Angelici (Bruno Francois Jules)0--
31 Jul 2020Artemis Investment Management LLP0--
31 Jul 2020BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited0--
31 Jul 2020Bohuon (Olivier)0--
31 Jul 2020Buckley (Sir George)0--
31 Jul 2020Shipsey (John Francis)0--
31 Jul 2020Smith (Andrew Reynolds)0--
31 Jul 2020Smiths Industries Employee Benefit Trust0--
31 Jul 2020Tata (Noel Naval)0--
31 Jul 2020Seeger (William C)0--
31 Jul 2020Seligman (Mark Donald)0--
31 Jul 2020Dodge & Cox0--
31 Jul 2020Dowling (Dame Ann)0--
31 Jul 2020Fratto (Tanya)0--
31 Jul 2020Harris Associates, L.P.0--
31 Jul 2020Jupiter Asset Management Ltd0--
31 Jul 2020Columbia Threadneedle Investments (UK)0--
01 May 2020Buckley (Sir George)1,02915,630Bought at price 15.19 per share.
09 Apr 2020Artemis Investment Management LLP0--
03 Feb 2020Buckley (Sir George)73716,250Bought at price 22.05 per share.
08 Nov 2019Smith (Andrew Reynolds)24,546--
08 Nov 2019Smith (Andrew Reynolds)11,566244,886Sold at price 21.17 per share.
01 Nov 2019Buckley (Sir George)77016,173Bought at price 21.00 per share.
08 Oct 2019Smith (Andrew Reynolds)148,297--
08 Oct 2019Smith (Andrew Reynolds)69,8751,313,789Sold at price 18.80 per share.
19 Sep 2019Shipsey (John Francis)0--
19 Sep 2019Smith (Andrew Reynolds)0--
19 Sep 2019Tata (Noel Naval)0--
19 Sep 2019Angelici (Bruno Francois Jules)0--
19 Sep 2019Bohuon (Olivier)0--
19 Sep 2019Buckley (Sir George)0--
19 Sep 2019Dowling (Dame Ann)0--
19 Sep 2019Fratto (Tanya)0--
19 Sep 2019Seeger (William C)0--
19 Sep 2019Seligman (Mark Donald)0--
16 Sep 2019Columbia Threadneedle Investments (UK)0--
16 Sep 2019Dodge & Cox0--
16 Sep 2019Harris Associates, L.P.0--
16 Sep 2019Jupiter Asset Management Ltd0--
16 Sep 2019BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited0--
01 Aug 2019Buckley (Sir George)76315,189Bought at price 19.91 per share.
01 Aug 2019Smith (Andrew Reynolds)2,07821,831Exercise of Option at price 10.51 per share.
31 Jul 2019Shipsey (John Francis)0--
31 Jul 2019Smith (Andrew Reynolds)0--
31 Jul 2019Smiths Industries Employee Benefit Trust0--
31 Jul 2019Tata (Noel Naval)0--
31 Jul 2019Angelici (Bruno Francois Jules)0--
31 Jul 2019BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited0--
31 Jul 2019Bohuon (Olivier)0--
31 Jul 2019Buckley (Sir George)0--
31 Jul 2019Seeger (William C)0--
31 Jul 2019Seligman (Mark Donald)0--
31 Jul 2019Dowling (Dame Ann)0--
31 Jul 2019Fratto (Tanya)0--
31 Jul 2019Harris Associates, L.P.0--
31 Jul 2019Jupiter Asset Management Ltd0--
31 Jul 2019Columbia Threadneedle Investments (UK)0--
31 Jul 2019Dodge & Cox0--
19 Jul 2019Harris Associates, L.P.66,433--
01 May 2019Buckley (Sir George)81716,311Bought at price 19.96 per share.
25 Feb 2019Dodge & Cox889,041--
01 Feb 2019Buckley (Sir George)85816,355Bought at price 19.06 per share.
26 Nov 2018Dodge & Cox1,048,215--
01 Nov 2018Buckley (Sir George)90116,268Bought at price 18.06 per share.
16 Oct 2018Seeger (William C)2,50044,660Bought at price 17.86 per share.
09 Oct 2018Dowling (Dame Ann)5,813111,074Bought at price 19.11 per share.
09 Oct 2018Smith (Andrew Reynolds)100,741--
09 Oct 2018Smith (Andrew Reynolds)47,468918,885Sold at price 19.36 per share.
01 Oct 2018Columbia Threadneedle Investments (UK)909,837--
27 Sep 2018Bohuon (Olivier)2,97258,156Bought at price 19.57 per share.
24 Sep 2018Tata (Noel Naval)2,00039,304Bought at price 19.65 per share.
20 Sep 2018Shipsey (John Francis)0--
20 Sep 2018Smith (Andrew Reynolds)0--