RELX PLC (LSE:REL) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of RELX PLC (LSE:REL) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the RELX PLC's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by RELX PLC to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

RELX PLC Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from RELX PLC (REL).

23 Sep 2022Relx Plc79,4281,872,832Buy Back at price 23.58 per share.
22 Sep 2022Relx Plc79,1871,968,192Buy Back at price 24.86 per share.
21 Sep 2022Relx Plc79,4901,982,719Buy Back at price 24.94 per share.
20 Sep 2022Relx Plc78,1201,960,968Buy Back at price 25.10 per share.
16 Sep 2022Relx Plc77,8631,993,059Buy Back at price 25.60 per share.
15 Sep 2022Relx Plc77,4341,997,177Buy Back at price 25.79 per share.
14 Sep 2022Relx Plc75,9711,982,235Buy Back at price 26.09 per share.
13 Sep 2022Relx Plc76,1122,015,065Buy Back at price 26.48 per share.
12 Sep 2022Relx Plc73,4501,973,013Buy Back at price 26.86 per share.
09 Sep 2022Relx Plc74,5251,981,768Buy Back at price 26.59 per share.
08 Sep 2022Relx Plc74,8951,949,067Buy Back at price 26.02 per share.
08 Sep 2022Lels (Marike van Lier)832,471Bought at price 29.77 per share.
07 Sep 2022Relx Plc75,6591,963,653Buy Back at price 25.95 per share.
06 Sep 2022Relx Plc75,9601,950,728Buy Back at price 25.68 per share.
05 Sep 2022Relx Plc75,4821,930,074Buy Back at price 25.57 per share.
02 Sep 2022Relx Plc75,3551,937,979Buy Back at price 25.72 per share.
01 Sep 2022Relx Plc74,1251,915,612Buy Back at price 25.84 per share.
31 Aug 2022Relx Plc73,2111,935,698Buy Back at price 26.44 per share.
30 Aug 2022Relx Plc72,6041,947,965Buy Back at price 26.83 per share.
26 Aug 2022Relx Plc70,6981,927,580Buy Back at price 27.27 per share.
25 Aug 2022Relx Plc71,2062,006,371Buy Back at price 28.18 per share.
24 Aug 2022Relx Plc70,7841,975,723Buy Back at price 27.91 per share.
23 Aug 2022Relx Plc69,1301,945,732Buy Back at price 28.15 per share.
22 Aug 2022Relx Plc68,8361,972,013Buy Back at price 28.65 per share.
19 Aug 2022Relx Plc70,2792,032,257Buy Back at price 28.92 per share.
18 Aug 2022Relx Plc70,4982,015,114Buy Back at price 28.58 per share.
17 Aug 2022Relx Plc70,6292,032,702Buy Back at price 28.78 per share.
16 Aug 2022Relx Plc70,4792,031,909Buy Back at price 28.83 per share.
15 Aug 2022Relx Plc70,8102,039,115Buy Back at price 28.80 per share.
12 Aug 2022Relx Plc72,0962,079,609Buy Back at price 28.84 per share.
11 Aug 2022Relx Plc70,0292,041,345Buy Back at price 29.15 per share.
10 Aug 2022Relx Plc70,1152,061,451Buy Back at price 29.40 per share.
09 Aug 2022Relx Plc69,9712,031,118Buy Back at price 29.03 per share.
08 Aug 2022Relx Plc70,0212,035,300Buy Back at price 29.07 per share.
05 Aug 2022Relx Plc69,7842,026,736Buy Back at price 29.04 per share.
04 Aug 2022Relx Plc69,6992,045,456Buy Back at price 29.35 per share.
04 Aug 2022Udow (Henry)68310,935Exercise of Option at price 16.01 per share.
03 Aug 2022Relx Plc69,7602,047,456Buy Back at price 29.35 per share.
02 Aug 2022Relx Plc69,5512,044,451Buy Back at price 29.39 per share.
01 Aug 2022Relx Plc69,7362,068,718Buy Back at price 29.66 per share.
29 Jul 2022Relx Plc71,0812,088,430Buy Back at price 29.38 per share.
28 Jul 2022Relx Plc71,6892,067,582Buy Back at price 28.84 per share.
25 Jul 2022Relx Plc72,1002,041,223Buy Back at price 28.31 per share.
22 Jul 2022Relx Plc126,1493,576,198Buy Back at price 28.35 per share.
21 Jul 2022Relx Plc127,8833,599,650Buy Back at price 28.15 per share.
20 Jul 2022Relx Plc129,8003,593,383Buy Back at price 27.68 per share.
19 Jul 2022Relx Plc130,6003,606,257Buy Back at price 27.61 per share.
18 Jul 2022Relx Plc129,8003,567,163Buy Back at price 27.48 per share.
15 Jul 2022Relx Plc131,9003,570,533Buy Back at price 27.07 per share.
14 Jul 2022Relx Plc132,5003,557,360Buy Back at price 26.85 per share.
13 Jul 2022Relx Plc132,3003,543,787Buy Back at price 26.79 per share.
12 Jul 2022Relx Plc131,9003,558,530Buy Back at price 26.98 per share.
11 Jul 2022Relx Plc133,8003,587,178Buy Back at price 26.81 per share.
08 Jul 2022Relx Plc133,0843,602,983Buy Back at price 27.07 per share.
07 Jul 2022Relx Plc132,3003,607,027Buy Back at price 27.26 per share.
06 Jul 2022Relx Plc137,0003,698,726Buy Back at price 27.00 per share.
05 Jul 2022Relx Plc134,0783,510,966Buy Back at price 26.19 per share.
04 Jul 2022Relx Plc134,7323,643,557Buy Back at price 27.04 per share.
01 Jul 2022Relx Plc134,8003,611,022Buy Back at price 26.79 per share.
28 Jun 2022Relx Plc47,1961,282,692Buy Back at price 27.18 per share.
27 Jun 2022Relx Plc47,1981,284,446Buy Back at price 27.21 per share.
24 Jun 2022Relx Plc125,3363,373,418Buy Back at price 26.91 per share.
23 Jun 2022Relx Plc127,0003,313,303Buy Back at price 26.09 per share.
22 Jun 2022Relx Plc128,4003,307,455Buy Back at price 25.76 per share.
21 Jun 2022Relx Plc128,3383,319,975Buy Back at price 25.87 per share.
20 Jun 2022Relx Plc128,7623,309,183Buy Back at price 25.70 per share.
17 Jun 2022Relx Plc129,7003,323,173Buy Back at price 25.62 per share.
16 Jun 2022Relx Plc127,6003,279,575Buy Back at price 25.70 per share.
15 Jun 2022Relx Plc129,7003,326,415Buy Back at price 25.65 per share.
14 Jun 2022Relx Plc125,1543,159,512Buy Back at price 25.25 per share.
13 Jun 2022Relx Plc125,1003,263,608Buy Back at price 26.09 per share.
10 Jun 2022Relx Plc121,4003,224,505Buy Back at price 26.56 per share.
09 Jun 2022Relx Plc121,4243,318,275Buy Back at price 27.33 per share.
08 Jun 2022Relx Plc121,5003,363,849Buy Back at price 27.69 per share.
07 Jun 2022Relx Plc120,3213,374,522Buy Back at price 28.05 per share.
07 Jun 2022van Lier Lels (Marike)1836,017Bought at price 32.88 per share.
06 Jun 2022Relx Plc113,6623,191,628Buy Back at price 28.08 per share.
01 Jun 2022Relx Plc117,7533,296,730Buy Back at price 28.00 per share.
31 May 2022Relx Plc117,8003,378,268Buy Back at price 28.68 per share.
30 May 2022Relx Plc118,3003,434,485Buy Back at price 29.03 per share.
27 May 2022Relx Plc119,0003,424,463Buy Back at price 28.78 per share.
26 May 2022Relx Plc117,1633,352,502Buy Back at price 28.61 per share.
25 May 2022Relx Plc116,8003,369,329Buy Back at price 28.85 per share.
24 May 2022Relx Plc116,5033,384,994Buy Back at price 29.05 per share.
23 May 2022Relx Plc119,2003,440,588Buy Back at price 28.86 per share.
20 May 2022Relx Plc119,4003,397,885Buy Back at price 28.46 per share.
19 May 2022Relx Plc117,9003,281,864Buy Back at price 27.84 per share.
18 May 2022Relx Plc117,4003,325,707Buy Back at price 28.33 per share.
17 May 2022Relx Plc116,9003,358,186Buy Back at price 28.73 per share.
16 May 2022Relx Plc117,5003,333,005Buy Back at price 28.37 per share.
13 May 2022Relx Plc119,9003,350,365Buy Back at price 27.94 per share.
13 May 2022BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited6,544,479--
12 May 2022Relx Plc117,5003,225,140Buy Back at price 27.45 per share.
11 May 2022Relx Plc117,4003,293,304Increase at price 28.05 per share.
10 May 2022Relx Plc117,4003,341,673Buy Back at price 28.46 per share.
09 May 2022Relx Plc117,5003,322,312Buy Back at price 28.27 per share.
06 May 2022Relx Plc113,7003,262,735Buy Back at price 28.70 per share.
05 May 2022Relx Plc114,5543,379,343Buy Back at price 29.50 per share.
04 May 2022Relx Plc114,8003,419,432Buy Back at price 29.79 per share.
03 May 2022Relx Plc112,8003,325,682Buy Back at price 29.48 per share.
29 Apr 2022Relx Plc111,3003,364,932Buy Back at price 30.23 per share.
28 Apr 2022Relx Plc113,1823,393,309Buy Back at price 29.98 per share.
27 Apr 2022Relx Plc111,8873,377,868Buy Back at price 30.19 per share.
26 Apr 2022Relx Plc112,1603,427,833Buy Back at price 30.56 per share.
25 Apr 2022Relx Plc575,00017,478,850Buy Back at price 30.40 per share.
22 Apr 2022Relx Plc667,00020,566,278Buy Back at price 30.83 per share.
22 Apr 2022BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited34,028,201--
21 Apr 2022Relx Plc20,000,000--
21 Apr 2022Relx Plc296,6359,255,605Buy Back at price 31.20 per share.
20 Apr 2022Relx Plc70,0002,192,330Buy Back at price 31.32 per share.
19 Apr 2022Relx Plc205,4696,421,933Buy Back at price 31.25 per share.
14 Apr 2022Relx Plc137,7414,360,466Buy Back at price 31.66 per share.
13 Apr 2022Relx Plc137,9544,360,312Buy Back at price 31.61 per share.
12 Apr 2022Relx Plc135,5924,238,334Buy Back at price 31.26 per share.
11 Apr 2022Relx Plc135,5044,306,046Buy Back at price 31.78 per share.
08 Apr 2022Relx Plc134,8554,287,849Buy Back at price 31.80 per share.
07 Apr 2022Relx Plc135,3764,335,957Buy Back at price 32.03 per share.
06 Apr 2022Relx Plc136,5014,356,019Buy Back at price 31.91 per share.
05 Apr 2022Relx Plc137,7824,364,520Buy Back at price 31.68 per share.
04 Apr 2022Relx Plc139,8854,409,734Buy Back at price 31.52 per share.
01 Apr 2022Relx Plc138,3034,299,701Buy Back at price 31.09 per share.
31 Mar 2022Relx Plc140,5524,422,749Buy Back at price 31.47 per share.
30 Mar 2022Relx Plc138,9204,306,797Buy Back at price 31.00 per share.
29 Mar 2022Relx Plc142,1754,438,561Buy Back at price 31.22 per share.
28 Mar 2022Relx Plc142,7894,362,346Buy Back at price 30.55 per share.
25 Mar 2022Relx Plc143,0484,387,997Buy Back at price 30.68 per share.
24 Mar 2022Relx Plc142,9484,375,781Buy Back at price 30.61 per share.
23 Mar 2022Relx Plc143,6774,406,717Buy Back at price 30.67 per share.
22 Mar 2022Relx Plc143,7174,406,938Buy Back at price 30.66 per share.
21 Mar 2022Relx Plc145,5814,431,048Increase at price 30.44 per share.
17 Mar 2022Relx Plc61,0881,811,686Buy Back at price 29.66 per share.
17 Mar 2022Relx Plc147,4104,424,068Buy Back at price 30.01 per share.
16 Mar 2022Relx Plc149,8604,394,794Buy Back at price 29.33 per share.
15 Mar 2022Relx Plc152,7514,313,688Buy Back at price 28.24 per share.
14 Mar 2022Relx Plc154,0174,256,721Buy Back at price 27.64 per share.
11 Mar 2022Relx Plc152,7474,201,458Buy Back at price 27.51 per share.
10 Mar 2022Relx Plc152,5694,245,690Buy Back at price 27.83 per share.
09 Mar 2022Relx Plc152,1914,270,175Buy Back at price 28.06 per share.
08 Mar 2022Relx Plc147,1584,114,831Buy Back at price 27.96 per share.
07 Mar 2022Relx Plc142,8944,128,207Buy Back at price 28.89 per share.
04 Mar 2022Relx Plc139,2534,176,754Buy Back at price 29.99 per share.
03 Mar 2022Relx Plc139,6984,336,645Buy Back at price 31.04 per share.
02 Mar 2022Relx Plc141,8424,408,733Buy Back at price 31.08 per share.
01 Mar 2022Relx Plc142,9264,350,524Buy Back at price 30.44 per share.
28 Feb 2022Relx Plc144,4804,397,104Buy Back at price 30.43 per share.
25 Feb 2022Relx Plc146,5574,408,581Buy Back at price 30.08 per share.
24 Feb 2022Relx Plc143,9734,261,456Buy Back at price 29.60 per share.
22 Feb 2022Relx Plc145,6054,402,075Buy Back at price 30.23 per share.
22 Feb 2022Relx Plc145,7004,456,525Buy Back at price 30.59 per share.
21 Feb 2022Relx Plc144,5534,377,498Buy Back at price 30.28 per share.