Informa plc (LSE:INF) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Informa plc (LSE:INF) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Informa plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Informa plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Informa plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Informa plc (INF).

16 Sep 2022Bank of America Corporation206,463--
09 Sep 2022Bank of America Corporation142,847--
08 Sep 2022Bank of America Corporation312,534--
02 Sep 2022Bank of America Corporation1,990,758--
31 Aug 2022Bank of America Corporation9,802,241--
31 Aug 2022APG Asset Management NV10,856,760--
26 Aug 2022Bank of America Corporation5,485,756--
24 Aug 2022Bank of America Corporation4,065,348--
23 Aug 2022Bank of America Corporation37,387,197--
23 Aug 2022Norges Bank12,988,271--
22 Aug 2022Bank of America Corporation38,623,592--
19 Aug 2022Bank of America Corporation38,623,592--
05 Aug 2022Bank of America Corporation33,347,867--
03 Aug 2022Bank of America Corporation1,443,492--
29 Jul 2022Bank of America Corporation2,282,592--
21 Jul 2022Bank of America Corporation2,218,347--
19 Jul 2022Bank of America Corporation3,422,959--
18 Jul 2022Bank of America Corporation2,141,935--
07 Jul 2022Bank of America Corporation2,048,559--
01 Jul 2022Bank of America Corporation2,630,108--
30 Jun 2022Bank of America Corporation7,752,117--
09 Jun 2022Bank of America Corporation4,710,981--
08 Jun 2022Bank of America Corporation2,913,042--
02 Jun 2022Bank of America Corporation2,420,224--
31 May 2022Bank of America Corporation1,272,514--
27 May 2022Bank of America Corporation3,199,919--
19 May 2022Carter (Stephen A)3272,240Bought at price 6.85 per share.
19 May 2022Carter (Stephen A)654--
19 May 2022Wright (Gareth)3282,247Bought at price 6.85 per share.
19 May 2022Wright (Gareth)656--
19 May 2022Martell (Patrick)3272,240Bought at price 6.85 per share.
19 May 2022Martell (Patrick)654--
18 May 2022Bank of America Corporation273,060--
17 May 2022Bank of America Corporation549,789--
10 May 2022Bank of America Corporation321,836--
27 Apr 2022Bank of America Corporation195,865--
25 Apr 2022Bank of America Corporation226,865--
22 Apr 2022Bank of America Corporation765,879--
21 Apr 2022Bank of America Corporation2,061,937--
13 Apr 2022Bank of America Corporation5,392,549--
12 Apr 2022Bank of America Corporation558,321--
11 Apr 2022Bank of America Corporation984,625--
05 Apr 2022Bank of America Corporation1,619,749--
04 Apr 2022Carter (Stephen A)404,4503,192,728Sold at price 7.89 per share.
04 Apr 2022Wright (Gareth)26,917212,482Sold at price 7.89 per share.
01 Apr 2022Bank of America Corporation2,569,733--
31 Mar 2022Martell (Patrick)6,90754,972Sold at price 7.96 per share.
31 Mar 2022Carter (Stephen A)859,464--
30 Mar 2022Wright (Gareth)279,1382,188,162Sold at price 7.84 per share.
30 Mar 2022Wright (Gareth)648,524--
29 Mar 2022Martell (Patrick)132,7291,048,957Bought at price 7.90 per share.
22 Mar 2022Bank of America Corporation637,041--
21 Mar 2022Bank of America Corporation2,511,700--
14 Mar 2022APG Asset Management NV0--
14 Mar 2022Artemis Investment Management LLC0--
14 Mar 2022Mcdowell (Mary)0--
14 Mar 2022Lazard Asset Management, L.L.C.0--
14 Mar 2022BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited0--
14 Mar 2022Davidson (Stephen James)0--
14 Mar 2022Flaschen (David J S)0--
14 Mar 2022Invesco Advisers, Inc.0--
14 Mar 2022Whitehead (Gill)0--
14 Mar 2022Wilson (Joanne)0--
14 Mar 2022Owers (Helen)0--
14 Mar 2022Rishton (John)0--
14 Mar 2022Newton Investment Management, Ltd.0--
14 Mar 2022Smalley (Louise)0--
14 Mar 2022Generation Investment Management LLP0--
11 Mar 2022Bank of America Corporation1,243,017--
10 Mar 2022Bank of America Corporation290,414--
09 Mar 2022Bank of America Corporation1,159,720--
17 Feb 2022Bank of America Corporation660,006--
14 Feb 2022Bank of America Corporation1,289,556--
11 Feb 2022Bank of America Corporation3,700,085--
27 Jan 2022Bank of America Corporation2,736,933--
17 Jan 2022Bank of America Corporation1,079,190--
11 Jan 2022Bank of America Corporation54,898--
10 Jan 2022Bank of America Corporation37,549--
07 Jan 2022Bank of America Corporation529,588--
06 Jan 2022Bank of America Corporation5,630,738--
31 Dec 2021APG Asset Management NV0--
31 Dec 2021Artemis Investment Management LLC0--
31 Dec 2021Generation Investment Management LLP0--
31 Dec 2021Informa Group Plc Employee Benefit Trust0--
31 Dec 2021Flaschen (David J S)0--
31 Dec 2021Davidson (Stephen James)0--
31 Dec 2021Lazard Asset Management, L.L.C.0--
31 Dec 2021Mcdowell (Mary)0--
31 Dec 2021BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited0--
31 Dec 2021Smalley (Louise)0--
31 Dec 2021Rishton (John)0--
31 Dec 2021Owers (Helen)0--
31 Dec 2021Newton Investment Management, Ltd.0--
31 Dec 2021Invesco Advisers, Inc.0--
31 Dec 2021Whitehead (Gill)0--
31 Dec 2021Wilson (Joanne)0--
16 Dec 2021Smalley (Louise)8,00051,888Bought at price 6.49 per share.
09 Dec 2021Bank of America Corporation35,357,392--
09 Dec 2021Wilson (Joanne)5,40036,261Bought at price 6.71 per share.
23 Nov 2021Bank of America Corporation36,888,519--
22 Nov 2021Bank of America Corporation0--
03 Aug 2021Flaschen (David J S)10,00069,150Bought at price 6.92 per share.
20 May 2021Martell (Patrick)16122Bought at price 7.68 per share.
20 May 2021Martell (Patrick)664--
20 May 2021Wright (Gareth)3322,548Bought at price 7.68 per share.
20 May 2021Wright (Gareth)664--
20 May 2021Carter (Stephen A)3332,556Bought at price 7.68 per share.
20 May 2021Carter (Stephen A)666--
22 Apr 2021Bullock (Gareth Richard)0--
22 Apr 2021BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited0--
22 Apr 2021FIL Limited0--
22 Apr 2021Flaschen (David J S)0--
22 Apr 2021Davidson (Stephen James)0--
22 Apr 2021APG Asset Management NV0--
22 Apr 2021Artemis Investment Management LLC0--
22 Apr 2021Generation Investment Management LLP0--
22 Apr 2021Newton Investment Management, Ltd.0--
22 Apr 2021Rishton (John)0--
22 Apr 2021Owers (Helen)0--
22 Apr 2021Whitehead (Gill)0--
22 Apr 2021Mapp (Derek)0--
22 Apr 2021Mcdowell (Mary)0--
22 Apr 2021Lazard Asset Management, L.L.C.0--
22 Apr 2021Invesco Advisers, Inc.0--
17 Mar 2021Martell (Patrick)3162,519Bought at price 7.97 per share.
17 Mar 2021Martell (Patrick)316--
15 Feb 2021Newton Investment Management, Ltd.2,886,128--
04 Feb 2021GIC Private Limited8,368,528--
31 Dec 2020Generation Investment Management LLP0--
31 Dec 2020Informa Group Plc Employee Benefit Trust0--
31 Dec 2020Newton Investment Management, Ltd.0--
31 Dec 2020Owers (Helen)0--
31 Dec 2020Rishton (John)0--
31 Dec 2020Davidson (Stephen James)0--
31 Dec 2020FIL Limited0--
31 Dec 2020Flaschen (David J S)0--
31 Dec 2020BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited0--
31 Dec 2020Bullock (Gareth Richard)0--
31 Dec 2020APG Asset Management NV0--
31 Dec 2020Artemis Investment Management LLC0--
31 Dec 2020Mapp (Derek)0--
31 Dec 2020Mcdowell (Mary)0--
31 Dec 2020Lazard Asset Management, L.L.C.0--
31 Dec 2020Invesco Advisers, Inc.0--
31 Dec 2020Whitehead (Gill)0--
16 Sep 2020Generation Investment Management LLP7,556,622--
02 Jul 2020Whitehead (Gill)1,1776,896Bought at price 5.86 per share.
02 Jul 2020Bullock (Gareth Richard)5543,245Bought at price 5.86 per share.
02 Jul 2020Rishton (John)4902,870Bought at price 5.86 per share.
02 Jul 2020Owers (Helen)5072,970Bought at price 5.86 per share.