Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC (LSE:HIK) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC (LSE:HIK) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC (HIK).

19 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC366,6387,725,062Buy Back at price 21.07 per share.
18 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC216,4374,555,782Buy Back at price 21.05 per share.
17 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC352,8957,554,776Buy Back at price 21.41 per share.
16 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC334,8917,028,692Buy Back at price 20.99 per share.
13 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC168,4603,519,634Buy Back at price 20.89 per share.
12 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC160,9893,332,794Buy Back at price 20.70 per share.
11 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC291,9116,239,889Buy Back at price 21.38 per share.
10 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC285,5116,079,100Buy Back at price 21.29 per share.
09 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC131,7442,768,204Buy Back at price 21.01 per share.
06 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC175,5883,663,116Buy Back at price 20.86 per share.
05 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC242,6535,097,168Buy Back at price 21.01 per share.
04 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC0--
03 May 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC166,9593,933,387Buy Back at price 23.56 per share.
29 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC77,8541,856,584Buy Back at price 23.85 per share.
28 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC62,9801,586,214Buy Back at price 25.19 per share.
27 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC93,3242,316,301Buy Back at price 24.82 per share.
26 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC38,260977,389Buy Back at price 25.55 per share.
25 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC77,0121,982,904Buy Back at price 25.75 per share.
22 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC62,0431,619,942Buy Back at price 26.11 per share.
21 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC59,2891,571,099Buy Back at price 26.50 per share.
20 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC60,2661,617,358Buy Back at price 26.84 per share.
19 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC62,1421,664,473Buy Back at price 26.79 per share.
14 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC51,8151,410,145Buy Back at price 27.21 per share.
13 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC35,243957,693Buy Back at price 27.17 per share.
12 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC38,0781,017,520Buy Back at price 26.72 per share.
11 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC36,594989,794Buy Back at price 27.05 per share.
08 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC42,9501,146,807Buy Back at price 26.70 per share.
07 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC50,0001,335,400Buy Back at price 26.71 per share.
05 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC20,000539,960Buy Back at price 27.00 per share.
04 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC137,0003,718,728Buy Back at price 27.14 per share.
01 Apr 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC143,1033,833,443Buy Back at price 26.79 per share.
31 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC249,6256,819,006Buy Back at price 27.32 per share.
30 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC160,4004,336,734Buy Back at price 27.04 per share.
29 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC195,6655,286,672Buy Back at price 27.02 per share.
28 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC165,0004,449,390Buy Back at price 26.97 per share.
25 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC169,0004,698,200Buy Back at price 27.80 per share.
25 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC259,8217,192,105Buy Back at price 27.68 per share.
23 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC162,3644,486,766Buy Back at price 27.63 per share.
22 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC256,0007,147,264Buy Back at price 27.92 per share.
21 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC305,4468,348,144Buy Back at price 27.33 per share.
18 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC241,0006,476,634Buy Back at price 26.87 per share.
17 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC233,3316,300,403Buy Back at price 27.00 per share.
16 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC142,6313,871,575Buy Back at price 27.14 per share.
15 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC233,1156,200,159Buy Back at price 26.60 per share.
14 Mar 2022Darwazah (Said Samih Taleb)38,862--
14 Mar 2022Darwazeh (Mazen Samih Taleb)26,514--
14 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC12,058314,291Buy Back at price 26.07 per share.
14 Mar 2022Hoffmann (Brian)6,975--
14 Mar 2022Hoffmann (Brian)4,310111,387Sold at price 25.84 per share.
14 Mar 2022Kanaan (Bassam Wael Roshdi)19,195--
14 Mar 2022Labadi (Majda)12,064--
14 Mar 2022Mishlawi (Riad Ali)23,030--
14 Mar 2022Nabilsi (Khalid)17,710--
14 Mar 2022Nielsen (Henriette)4,320--
14 Mar 2022Nielsen (Henriette)2,67069,003Sold at price 25.84 per share.
14 Mar 2022Olafsson (Sigurdur O)26,377--
14 Mar 2022Olafsson (Sigurdur O)16,299421,231Sold at price 25.84 per share.
14 Mar 2022Olafsson (Sigurdur O)44,502--
14 Mar 2022Olafsson (Sigurdur O)27,498710,658Sold at price 25.84 per share.
14 Mar 2022Ringdal (Susan)5,383--
14 Mar 2022Ringdal (Susan)4,820124,568Sold at price 25.84 per share.
11 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC10,599273,846Buy Back at price 25.84 per share.
10 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC15,844408,141Buy Back at price 25.76 per share.
09 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC172,0004,352,288Buy Back at price 25.30 per share.
08 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC265,9916,381,656Buy Back at price 23.99 per share.
07 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC206,7074,947,945Buy Back at price 23.94 per share.
04 Mar 2022Darwazah (Said Samih Taleb)47,169--
04 Mar 2022Darwazeh (Mazen Samih Taleb)32,993--
04 Mar 2022Fesharaki (Shahin Ph.D.)4,791--
04 Mar 2022Fesharaki (Shahin Ph.D.)2,96176,633Sold at price 25.88 per share.
04 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC135,0003,344,085Buy Back at price 24.77 per share.
04 Mar 2022Hoffmann (Brian)8,925--
04 Mar 2022Hoffmann (Brian)5,516142,759Sold at price 25.88 per share.
04 Mar 2022Kanaan (Bassam Wael Roshdi)22,610--
04 Mar 2022Labadi (Majda)14,211--
04 Mar 2022Mishlawi (Riad Ali)27,086--
04 Mar 2022Nabilsi (Khalid)22,709--
04 Mar 2022Nielsen (Henriette)9,663--
04 Mar 2022Nielsen (Henriette)5,972154,561Sold at price 25.88 per share.
04 Mar 2022Olafsson (Sigurdur O)32,850--
04 Mar 2022Olafsson (Sigurdur O)20,298525,332Sold at price 25.88 per share.
04 Mar 2022Ringdal (Susan)6,199--
04 Mar 2022Ringdal (Susan)5,550143,639Sold at price 25.88 per share.
04 Mar 2022Arkhagha (Hussein)11,308--
04 Mar 2022BlackRock Inc.712,467--
03 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC120,0003,105,360Buy Back at price 25.88 per share.
03 Mar 2022Hurt (Douglas Malcolm)1,50039,117Bought at price 26.08 per share.
02 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC169,0004,586,829Buy Back at price 27.14 per share.
01 Mar 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC0--
28 Feb 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC14,432386,546Buy Back at price 26.78 per share.
25 Feb 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC176,0004,574,592Buy Back at price 25.99 per share.
23 Feb 2022Darwazah (Said Samih Taleb)0--
23 Feb 2022Darwazeh (Mazen Samih Taleb)0--
23 Feb 2022Flowers (Cynthia Louise)0--
23 Feb 2022Henderson (Mary Regina)0--
23 Feb 2022Butler (Patrick)0--
23 Feb 2022Capital World Investors0--
23 Feb 2022Castellani (John J)0--
23 Feb 2022Darhold Ltd0--
23 Feb 2022Hurt (Douglas Malcolm)0--
23 Feb 2022Kirby (Pamela J)0--
23 Feb 2022Olafsson (Sigurdur O)0--
23 Feb 2022Vanguard Group Inc.0--
21 Feb 2022BlackRock Inc.44,874--
09 Feb 2022BlackRock Inc.79,676--
31 Jan 2022Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC0--
20 Jan 2022Capital World Investors11,889,684--
11 Jan 2022BlackRock Inc.0--
31 Dec 2021Butler (Patrick)0--
31 Dec 2021Castellani (John J)0--
31 Dec 2021Darwazah (Said Samih Taleb)0--
31 Dec 2021Darwazeh (Mazen Samih Taleb)0--
31 Dec 2021Flowers (Cynthia Louise)0--
31 Dec 2021Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC0--
31 Dec 2021Hurt (Douglas Malcolm)0--
31 Dec 2021Kirby (Pamela J)0--
31 Dec 2021Olafsson (Sigurdur O)0--
13 Dec 2021BlackRock Inc.69,596--
01 Dec 2021Henderson (Mary Regina)0--
30 Nov 2021BlackRock Inc.0--
15 Nov 2021BlackRock Inc.4,898--
31 Oct 2021Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC0--
31 Jul 2021Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC0--
30 Jun 2021Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC0--
31 May 2021Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC0--
17 May 2021Darwazeh (Mazen Samih Taleb)12,042--
17 May 2021Kanaan (Bassam Wael Roshdi)25,729--
17 May 2021Labadi (Majda)15,855--
17 May 2021Mishlawi (Riad Ali)22,601--
17 May 2021Nabilsi (Khalid)23,062--
17 May 2021Ringdal (Susan)7,522--
17 May 2021Ringdal (Susan)6,735226,942Bought at price 33.70 per share.
17 May 2021Arkhagha (Hussein)11,246--
22 Apr 2021BlackRock Inc.28,473--
13 Apr 2021Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC0--
17 Mar 2021Henderson (Mary Regina)1,60049,216Bought at price 30.76 per share.
12 Mar 2021Darwazah (Said Samih Taleb)61,666--
12 Mar 2021Darwazeh (Mazen Samih Taleb)42,572--
12 Mar 2021Hoffmann (Brian)15,987--
12 Mar 2021Hoffmann (Brian)7,552231,937Sold at price 30.71 per share.
12 Mar 2021Kanaan (Bassam Wael Roshdi)27,193--
12 Mar 2021Labadi (Majda)17,091--
12 Mar 2021Mishlawi (Riad Ali)32,027--
12 Mar 2021Nabilsi (Khalid)25,089--
12 Mar 2021Nielsen (Henriette)9,902--
12 Mar 2021Nielsen (Henriette)5,275162,005Sold at price 30.71 per share.
12 Mar 2021Olafsson (Sigurdur O)67,307--
12 Mar 2021Olafsson (Sigurdur O)31,794976,457Sold at price 30.71 per share.
12 Mar 2021Ringdal (Susan)14,454--
12 Mar 2021Ringdal (Susan)6,828209,701Sold at price 30.71 per share.