Harbour Energy plc (LSE:HBR) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Harbour Energy plc (LSE:HBR) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Harbour Energy plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Harbour Energy plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Harbour Energy plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Harbour Energy plc (HBR).

21 Sep 2022Bank of America Corporation152,841--
19 Sep 2022Bank of America Corporation2,844,193--
09 Sep 2022Bank of America Corporation255,354--
06 Sep 2022Bank of America Corporation264,395--
05 Sep 2022Bank of America Corporation100,222--
02 Sep 2022Thomas (R. Blair)235,0001,287,095Sold at price 5.48 per share.
01 Sep 2022Thomas (R. Blair)591,1313,213,388Sold at price 5.44 per share.
31 Aug 2022Thomas (R. Blair)273,5071,500,459Sold at price 5.49 per share.
30 Aug 2022Bank of America Corporation4,673,475--
24 Aug 2022Bank of America Corporation22,138,991--
11 Aug 2022The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust9,072,089--
26 Jul 2022The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust1,962,126--
20 Jul 2022Bank of America Corporation0--
20 Jul 2022EIG Asset Management, L.L.C.1,594,7556,661,291Sold at price 4.18 per share.
11 Jul 2022Noble Group Holdings Ltd0--
08 Jul 2022EIG Asset Management, L.L.C.339,911,167--
08 Jul 2022EIG Asset Management, L.L.C.140,557,084--
07 Jul 2022Farris (G Steven)0--
07 Jul 2022Cook (Linda Z)0--
07 Jul 2022The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust0--
07 Jul 2022Thomas (R. Blair)0--
01 Jul 2022Cook (Linda Z)652,916--
30 Jun 2022Cook (Linda Z)82,064--
17 Jun 2022Hopwood (Andy)10,00043,760Bought at price 4.38 per share.
17 Jun 2022�vrum (Margareth)8,50037,196Bought at price 4.38 per share.
09 Jun 2022FMR LLC12,929,736--
05 May 2022GIC Private Limited8,355,884--
04 May 2022GIC Private Limited2,811,531--
04 May 2022FMR LLC85,091--
04 May 2022Cook (Linda Z)233,6741,474,716Bought at price 6.31 per share.
04 May 2022Cook (Linda Z)151,610956,810Sold at price 6.31 per share.
22 Apr 2022Farris (G Steven)21,084--
21 Apr 2022Farris (G Steven)0--
12 Apr 2022GIC Private Limited10,352,306--
05 Apr 2022Coller Investment Management Ltd0--
01 Apr 2022FMR LLC10,447,640--
25 Mar 2022GIC Private Limited13,436,174--
21 Mar 2022GIC Private Limited8,748,385--
18 Mar 2022GIC Private Limited8,524,332--
17 Mar 2022GIC Private Limited12,410,919--
16 Mar 2022GIC Private Limited0--
16 Mar 2022EIG Asset Management, L.L.C.0--
16 Mar 2022Ensign Peak Advisors Inc0--
16 Mar 2022FMR LLC0--
08 Mar 2022GIC Private Limited0--
31 Dec 2021Farris (G Steven)0--
31 Dec 2021Ferguson (Alan)0--
31 Dec 2021Cannon (Anne Marie)0--
31 Dec 2021Cook (Linda Z)0--
31 Dec 2021Henry (Simon)0--
31 Dec 2021Kirk (Phil)0--
31 Dec 2021Stevens (Anne L)0--
31 Dec 2021Thomas (R. Blair)0--
22 Nov 2021Stevens (Anne L)30,000160,740Bought at price 5.36 per share.
10 Nov 2021FMR LLC0--
02 Nov 2021Ferguson (Alan)14,20368,060Bought at price 4.79 per share.
20 Aug 2021Henry (Simon)4,00017,380Bought at price 4.34 per share.
20 Aug 2021Henry (Simon)3,00012,953Bought at price 4.32 per share.
20 Aug 2021Henry (Simon)3,00012,993Bought at price 4.33 per share.
29 Jul 2021Kirk (Phil)100,000457,900Bought at price 4.58 per share.
19 May 2021Ensign Peak Advisors Inc0--
19 May 2021GIC Private Limited0--
15 Apr 2021Rose (Richard A)0--
06 Apr 2021GIC Private Limited0--
01 Apr 2021Ensign Peak Advisors Inc0--
01 Apr 2021Farris (G Steven)0--
01 Apr 2021Franklin (Roy Alexander)0--
01 Apr 2021EIG Asset Management, L.L.C.0--
01 Apr 2021Goldman Sachs International1,867,928--
01 Apr 2021Rose (Richard A)683207Bought at price 0.30 per share.
01 Apr 2021Rose (Richard A)683--
01 Apr 2021Wheeler (Mike)0--
01 Apr 2021Schroder Investment Management, Ltd.17,147,772--
01 Apr 2021Van Heeswijk (Elisabeth Proust)0--
01 Apr 2021Macdonald (Iain)0--
01 Apr 2021Kirk (Phil)0--
01 Apr 2021Cook (Linda Z)0--
01 Apr 2021Blackwood (Dave)0--
01 Apr 2021Cannon (Anne Marie)0--
31 Mar 2021Blackwood (Dave)0--
31 Mar 2021Wheeler (Mike)0--
31 Mar 2021Proust (Elisabeth)0--
31 Mar 2021Franklin (Roy Alexander)0--
31 Mar 2021Macdonald (Iain)0--
30 Mar 2021Goldman Sachs International4,260,810--
29 Mar 2021Goldman Sachs International5,306,104--
18 Mar 2021Rose (Richard A)129,077--
18 Mar 2021Rose (Richard A)60,667--
17 Mar 2021Schroder Investment Management, Ltd.0--
17 Mar 2021Goldman Sachs International0--
17 Mar 2021Aberforth Partners LLP0--
17 Mar 2021Artemis Investment Management Ltd0--
17 Mar 2021Axa Investment Managers UK Ltd0--
17 Mar 2021Columbia Threadneedle Investments (UK)0--
17 Mar 2021Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc0--
17 Mar 2021Morley Fund Management Ltd0--
03 Mar 2021Goldman Sachs International1,110,138--
02 Mar 2021Goldman Sachs International77,916--
01 Mar 2021Goldman Sachs International112,616--
01 Mar 2021Rose (Richard A)504210Bought at price 0.42 per share.
01 Mar 2021Rose (Richard A)504--
26 Feb 2021Goldman Sachs International2,366,686--
23 Feb 2021Goldman Sachs International2,518,886--
22 Feb 2021Goldman Sachs International310,097--
16 Feb 2021Goldman Sachs International1,308--
10 Feb 2021Goldman Sachs International3,807,771--
01 Feb 2021Goldman Sachs International8,573,372--
01 Feb 2021Rose (Richard A)762208Bought at price 0.27 per share.
01 Feb 2021Rose (Richard A)762--
15 Jan 2021Goldman Sachs International166,999--
14 Jan 2021Goldman Sachs International1,376,248--
13 Jan 2021Goldman Sachs International9,623,574--
07 Jan 2021Goldman Sachs International3,336,168--
05 Jan 2021Goldman Sachs International10,203--
04 Jan 2021Goldman Sachs International23,803--
04 Jan 2021Rose (Richard A)744201Bought at price 0.27 per share.
04 Jan 2021Rose (Richard A)744--
31 Dec 2020Rose (Richard A)0--
31 Dec 2020Premier Oil Plc Employee Benefit Trust0--
31 Dec 2020Wheeler (Mike)0--
31 Dec 2020Van Heeswijk (Elisabeth Proust)0--
31 Dec 2020Goldman Sachs International7,292--
31 Dec 2020Franklin (Roy Alexander)0--
31 Dec 2020Macdonald (Iain)0--
31 Dec 2020Blackwood (Dave)0--
31 Dec 2020Cannon (Anne Marie)0--
30 Dec 2020Goldman Sachs International1,267,457--
23 Dec 2020Goldman Sachs International3,706,364--
22 Dec 2020Goldman Sachs International2,942,074--
16 Dec 2020Goldman Sachs International181,947--
16 Dec 2020Durrant (Anthony R C)0--
15 Dec 2020Goldman Sachs International2,106,618--
14 Dec 2020Franklin (Roy Alexander)0--
14 Dec 2020Cannon (Anne Marie)0--
14 Dec 2020Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc0--
14 Dec 2020Blackwood (Dave)0--
14 Dec 2020Columbia Threadneedle Investments (UK)0--
14 Dec 2020Van Heeswijk (Elisabeth Proust)0--
14 Dec 2020Wheeler (Mike)0--
14 Dec 2020Rose (Richard A)0--
14 Dec 2020Schroder Investment Management, Ltd.0--
14 Dec 2020Axa Investment Managers UK Ltd0--
14 Dec 2020Aberforth Partners LLP0--
14 Dec 2020Artemis Investment Management Ltd0--
14 Dec 2020Macdonald (Iain)0--
14 Dec 2020Morley Fund Management Ltd0--
01 Dec 2020Rose (Richard A)707199Bought at price 0.28 per share.
01 Dec 2020Rose (Richard A)707--
01 Dec 2020Durrant (Anthony R C)589166Bought at price 0.28 per share.
01 Dec 2020Durrant (Anthony R C)589--