Experian plc (LSE:EXPN) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Experian plc (LSE:EXPN) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Experian plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Experian plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Experian plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Experian plc (EXPN).

29 Jul 2022Experian plc0--
30 Jun 2022Experian plc10,579--
30 Jun 2022Experian plc286,0028,290,911Buy Back at price 28.99 per share.
30 Jun 2022Borno (Ruba)93727,207Bought at price 29.04 per share.
29 Jun 2022Experian plc165,5534,781,501Buy Back at price 28.88 per share.
28 Jun 2022Experian plc80,0002,330,160Buy Back at price 29.13 per share.
27 Jun 2022Experian plc10,777317,210Buy Back at price 29.43 per share.
24 Jun 2022Experian plc79,5922,305,223Buy Back at price 28.96 per share.
23 Jun 2022Experian plc79,7752,243,592Buy Back at price 28.12 per share.
22 Jun 2022Experian plc79,4512,229,792Buy Back at price 28.07 per share.
20 Jun 2022Experian plc100,0002,817,500Buy Back at price 28.18 per share.
20 Jun 2022WCM Investment Management, Inc.12,759,550--
17 Jun 2022Experian plc100,0002,816,400Buy Back at price 28.16 per share.
16 Jun 2022Experian plc100,0002,823,400Buy Back at price 28.23 per share.
15 Jun 2022Experian plc99,3432,855,117Buy Back at price 28.74 per share.
13 Jun 2022Boundy (Craig)151,536--
13 Jun 2022Boundy (Craig)62,0541,796,587Sold at price 28.95 per share.
13 Jun 2022Cassin (Brian)251,421--
13 Jun 2022Cassin (Brian)104,2553,018,390Sold at price 28.95 per share.
13 Jun 2022Williams (Kerry)235,053--
13 Jun 2022Williams (Kerry)117,3703,398,096Sold at price 28.95 per share.
13 Jun 2022Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)155,160--
13 Jun 2022Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)64,3381,862,713Sold at price 28.95 per share.
08 Jun 2022Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)24,696794,914Bought at price 32.19 per share.
08 Jun 2022Cassin (Brian)39,9671,286,457Bought at price 32.19 per share.
08 Jun 2022Boundy (Craig)23,210747,083Bought at price 32.19 per share.
31 May 2022Experian plc0--
26 May 2022Experian plc181,8625,934,338Buy Back at price 32.63 per share.
25 May 2022Experian plc199,3346,446,461Buy Back at price 32.34 per share.
24 May 2022Experian plc199,0996,463,350Buy Back at price 32.46 per share.
23 May 2022Experian plc198,8216,472,021Buy Back at price 32.55 per share.
20 May 2022Experian plc200,0006,353,400Buy Back at price 31.77 per share.
19 May 2022Experian plc200,0006,157,800Buy Back at price 30.79 per share.
18 May 2022Experian plc200,0006,201,200Buy Back at price 31.01 per share.
17 May 2022Experian plc0--
17 May 2022Fleury (Luiz Fernando Vendramini)0--
17 May 2022Mahlan (Deirdre Ann)0--
17 May 2022Howell (Jonathan)0--
17 May 2022Borno (Ruba)0--
17 May 2022Brittain (Alison)0--
17 May 2022Donahue (Caroline F.)0--
17 May 2022Cassin (Brian)0--
17 May 2022Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)0--
17 May 2022Williams (Kerry)0--
17 May 2022Rogers (Mike)0--
17 May 2022Rose (George W)0--
29 Apr 2022Experian plc0--
31 Mar 2022Experian plc0--
31 Mar 2022Howell (Jonathan)0--
31 Mar 2022Mahlan (Deirdre Ann)0--
31 Mar 2022Fleury (Luiz Fernando Vendramini)0--
31 Mar 2022Rogers (Mike)0--
31 Mar 2022Rose (George W)0--
31 Mar 2022Williams (Kerry)0--
31 Mar 2022Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)0--
31 Mar 2022Cassin (Brian)0--
31 Mar 2022Borno (Ruba)0--
31 Mar 2022Brittain (Alison)0--
31 Mar 2022Donahue (Caroline F.)0--
28 Feb 2022Experian plc0--
01 Feb 2022Experian plc115,0004,880,600Buy Back at price 42.44 per share.
31 Jan 2022Experian plc0--
20 Jan 2022Experian plc150,0006,264,600Buy Back at price 41.76 per share.
11 Jan 2022Experian plc199,0008,783,064Buy Back at price 44.14 per share.
10 Jan 2022Experian plc198,0008,770,410Buy Back at price 44.30 per share.
07 Jan 2022Experian plc66,4353,056,807Buy Back at price 46.01 per share.
06 Jan 2022Experian plc35,1401,612,469Buy Back at price 45.89 per share.
31 Dec 2021Experian plc0--
30 Nov 2021Experian plc0--
25 Nov 2021Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)1,470--
29 Oct 2021Experian plc0--
30 Sep 2021Experian plc0--
31 Aug 2021Experian plc0--
05 Aug 2021Williams (Kerry)59,3321,925,916Sold at price 32.46 per share.
04 Aug 2021Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)49,5592,237,093Sold at price 45.14 per share.
30 Jul 2021Experian plc0--
28 Jul 2021Borno (Ruba)67129,048Bought at price 43.29 per share.
30 Jun 2021Experian plc0--
30 Jun 2021Experian plc200,0007,737,600Buy Back at price 38.69 per share.
29 Jun 2021Experian plc200,0007,786,400Buy Back at price 38.93 per share.
28 Jun 2021Experian plc200,0007,796,599Buy Back at price 38.98 per share.
25 Jun 2021Experian plc200,0007,818,200Buy Back at price 39.09 per share.
24 Jun 2021Experian plc200,0007,832,400Buy Back at price 39.16 per share.
23 Jun 2021Experian plc8,203319,933Buy Back at price 39.00 per share.
22 Jun 2021Experian plc259,27510,092,538Buy Back at price 38.93 per share.
18 Jun 2021Experian plc310,75311,865,171Buy Back at price 38.18 per share.
17 Jun 2021Experian plc262,79610,102,929Buy Back at price 38.44 per share.
10 Jun 2021Experian plc71327,031Buy Back at price 37.91 per share.
08 Jun 2021Cassin (Brian)80,4163,044,951Sold at price 37.87 per share.
08 Jun 2021Cassin (Brian)35,0781,332,683Bought at price 37.99 per share.
08 Jun 2021Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)21,641822,184Bought at price 37.99 per share.
08 Jun 2021Williams (Kerry)49,313--
07 Jun 2021Williams (Kerry)183,004--
07 Jun 2021Williams (Kerry)92,7202,465,424Sold at price 26.59 per share.
07 Jun 2021Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)127,215--
07 Jun 2021Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)51,3391,935,428Sold at price 37.70 per share.
07 Jun 2021Experian plc546,914--
07 Jun 2021Cassin (Brian)206,277--
07 Jun 2021Cassin (Brian)83,2353,137,876Sold at price 37.70 per share.
31 May 2021Experian plc0--
26 May 2021Experian plc6,000,000--
19 May 2021Experian plc100,0003,622,800Buy Back at price 36.23 per share.
19 May 2021Howell (Jonathan)4,000144,684Bought at price 36.17 per share.
19 May 2021Brittain (Alison)2,25080,847Bought at price 35.93 per share.
18 May 2021Borno (Ruba)0--
18 May 2021Brittain (Alison)0--
18 May 2021Cassin (Brian)0--
18 May 2021Donahue (Caroline F.)0--
18 May 2021Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)0--
18 May 2021Williams (Kerry)0--
18 May 2021Rogers (Mike)0--
18 May 2021Rose (George W)0--
18 May 2021Fleury (Luiz Fernando Vendramini)0--
18 May 2021Mahlan (Deirdre Ann)0--
18 May 2021MFS Investment Management0--
30 Apr 2021Experian plc0--
31 Mar 2021Experian plc0--
31 Mar 2021Experian plc0--
31 Mar 2021Mahlan (Deirdre Ann)0--
31 Mar 2021Fleury (Luiz Fernando Vendramini)0--
31 Mar 2021Donahue (Caroline F.)0--
31 Mar 2021Borno (Ruba)0--
31 Mar 2021Brittain (Alison)0--
31 Mar 2021Cassin (Brian)0--
31 Mar 2021Rogers (Mike)0--
31 Mar 2021Rose (George W)0--
31 Mar 2021Williams (Kerry)0--
31 Mar 2021Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)0--
26 Feb 2021Experian plc0--
29 Jan 2021Experian plc0--
31 Dec 2020Experian plc0--
30 Nov 2020Experian plc0--
17 Nov 2020Brittain (Alison)2,700105,035Bought at price 38.90 per share.
30 Oct 2020Experian plc0--
30 Sep 2020Experian plc0--
23 Sep 2020MFS Investment Management776,639--
22 Sep 2020Brittain (Alison)2,55096,257Bought at price 37.75 per share.
31 Aug 2020Experian plc0--
26 Aug 2020Borno (Ruba)67618,988Bought at price 28.09 per share.
31 Jul 2020Experian plc0--
30 Jun 2020Experian plc7,202,137--
11 Jun 2020Pitchford (Lloyd Mark)18,636638,450Bought at price 34.26 per share.
11 Jun 2020Williams (Kerry)47,285--
11 Jun 2020Cassin (Brian)30,2021,034,690Bought at price 34.26 per share.
08 Jun 2020Cassin (Brian)335,939--
08 Jun 2020Cassin (Brian)133,4964,726,425Sold at price 35.41 per share.
08 Jun 2020Cassin (Brian)150,1105,352,922Sold at price 35.66 per share.
08 Jun 2020Cassin (Brian)90,0003,196,800Sold at price 35.52 per share.
08 Jun 2020Experian plc944,435--
08 Jun 2020Williams (Kerry)313,049--