Burberry Group plc (LSE:BRBY) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Burberry Group plc (LSE:BRBY) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Burberry Group plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Burberry Group plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Burberry Group plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Burberry Group plc (BRBY).

30 Apr 2022Burberry Group PLC0--
05 Apr 2022Schroder Investment Management863,104--
31 Mar 2022Schroder Investment Management282,305--
31 Mar 2022Burberry Group PLC0--
14 Mar 2022Murphy (Gerry)5,000104,845Bought at price 20.97 per share.
11 Mar 2022Key (Matthew David)3,14064,715Bought at price 20.61 per share.
07 Mar 2022Burberry Group PLC455,1849,428,681Buy Back at price 20.71 per share.
04 Mar 2022Burberry Group PLC582,46212,948,712Buy Back at price 22.23 per share.
03 Mar 2022Burberry Group PLC494,85411,980,415Buy Back at price 24.21 per share.
02 Mar 2022Burberry Group PLC278,3936,951,473Buy Back at price 24.97 per share.
02 Mar 2022Schroder Investment Management543,463--
01 Mar 2022Burberry Group PLC252,1086,370,769Buy Back at price 25.27 per share.
28 Feb 2022Burberry Group PLC201,3625,182,655Buy Back at price 25.74 per share.
25 Feb 2022Burberry Group PLC109,0202,839,534Buy Back at price 26.05 per share.
24 Feb 2022Burberry Group PLC516,05013,431,749Buy Back at price 26.03 per share.
23 Feb 2022Burberry Group PLC28,460789,309Buy Back at price 27.73 per share.
23 Feb 2022Schroder Investment Management138,030--
22 Feb 2022Burberry Group PLC34,763951,845Buy Back at price 27.38 per share.
21 Feb 2022Burberry Group PLC3,36191,681Buy Back at price 27.28 per share.
16 Feb 2022Burberry Group PLC100,0472,648,544Buy Back at price 26.47 per share.
31 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC0--
28 Jan 2022Mc-Call (Carolyn Julia)18446Bought at price 24.78 per share.
18 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC38,446901,020Buy Back at price 23.44 per share.
17 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC1,52035,735Buy Back at price 23.51 per share.
14 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC366,5118,674,582Buy Back at price 23.67 per share.
13 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC111,2682,665,536Buy Back at price 23.96 per share.
13 Jan 2022Norges Bank Investment Management153,563--
12 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC140,4433,363,469Buy Back at price 23.95 per share.
11 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC149,1083,551,752Buy Back at price 23.82 per share.
11 Jan 2022Norges Bank Investment Management170,700--
10 Jan 2022Norges Bank Investment Management0--
10 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC575,62513,737,290Buy Back at price 23.86 per share.
07 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC478,28911,650,163Buy Back at price 24.36 per share.
06 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC499,29312,293,092Buy Back at price 24.62 per share.
05 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC102,8222,589,366Buy Back at price 25.18 per share.
04 Jan 2022Burberry Group PLC247,0856,195,656Buy Back at price 25.07 per share.
31 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC110,7582,718,222Buy Back at price 24.54 per share.
30 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC1,73242,068Buy Back at price 24.29 per share.
29 Dec 2021Norges Bank Investment Management0--
23 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC276,6196,607,321Buy Back at price 23.89 per share.
22 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC388,6899,193,660Buy Back at price 23.65 per share.
21 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC511,13411,885,910Buy Back at price 23.25 per share.
20 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC497,45311,385,704Buy Back at price 22.89 per share.
17 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC249,0815,729,112Buy Back at price 23.00 per share.
16 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC276,6196,388,515Buy Back at price 23.09 per share.
15 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC41,904972,047Buy Back at price 23.20 per share.
14 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC41,552969,200Buy Back at price 23.32 per share.
13 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC40,844971,106Buy Back at price 23.78 per share.
10 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC40,059970,068Buy Back at price 24.22 per share.
09 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC39,545961,338Buy Back at price 24.31 per share.
08 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC39,502964,757Buy Back at price 24.42 per share.
07 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC34,613855,737Buy Back at price 24.72 per share.
06 Dec 2021Burberry Group PLC46,1421,108,976Buy Back at price 24.03 per share.
30 Nov 2021Gray (Danuta)3,00070,077Bought at price 23.36 per share.
30 Nov 2021Norges Bank Investment Management0--
29 Oct 2021Schroder Investment Management314,696--
28 Oct 2021Schroder Investment Management161,827--
22 Oct 2021Schroder Investment Management86,184--
15 Sep 2021Schroder Investment Management97,593--
26 Aug 2021Schroder Investment Management1,539,546--
18 Aug 2021Brown (Julie)23,000615,319Sold at price 26.75 per share.
17 Aug 2021Flore (Gianluca)23--
17 Aug 2021Flore (Gianluca)9251Sold at price 27.99 per share.
13 Aug 2021Gobbetti (Marco)93,269--
13 Aug 2021Gobbetti (Marco)16,371484,319Sold at price 29.58 per share.
13 Aug 2021Gobbetti (Marco)27,628815,053Sold at price 29.50 per share.
09 Aug 2021Brown (Julie)2,90287,260Bought at price 30.07 per share.
06 Aug 2021Mc-Call (Carolyn Julia)511,547Bought at price 30.34 per share.
02 Aug 2021Brown (Julie)2,787--
02 Aug 2021Brown (Julie)1,33038,898Sold at price 29.25 per share.
02 Aug 2021Brown (Julie)258Sold at price 29.50 per share.
02 Aug 2021Flore (Gianluca)889--
02 Aug 2021Flore (Gianluca)3409,915Sold at price 29.16 per share.
14 May 2021Frasch (Ronald L.)1,00042,429Bought at price 42.43 per share.
12 May 2021Fischer (Samuel Andrew)0--
12 May 2021Frasch (Ronald L.)0--
12 May 2021Gobbetti (Marco)0--
12 May 2021Key (Matthew David)0--
12 May 2021Lee (Debra L)0--
12 May 2021Lindsell Train, Ltd.0--
12 May 2021Mc-Call (Carolyn Julia)0--
12 May 2021MFS Investment Management Ltd0--
12 May 2021Murphy (Gerry)0--
12 May 2021NiChionna (Orna G.)0--
12 May 2021Saint-Affrique (Antoine de)0--
12 May 2021Arredondo de Vara (Fabiola)0--
12 May 2021BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd.0--
12 May 2021Brown (Julie)0--
27 Mar 2021Arredondo de Vara (Fabiola)0--
27 Mar 2021BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd.0--
27 Mar 2021Brown (Julie)0--
27 Mar 2021Gobbetti (Marco)0--
27 Mar 2021Key (Matthew David)0--
27 Mar 2021Lee (Debra L)0--
27 Mar 2021Lindsell Train, Ltd.0--
27 Mar 2021Mc-Call (Carolyn Julia)0--
27 Mar 2021Fischer (Samuel Andrew)0--
27 Mar 2021Frasch (Ronald L.)0--
27 Mar 2021Burberry Group Plc Esop Trust (The)0--
27 Mar 2021MFS Investment Management Ltd0--
27 Mar 2021Murphy (Gerry)0--
27 Mar 2021NiChionna (Orna G.)0--
27 Mar 2021Saint-Affrique (Antoine de)0--
11 Feb 2021Lee (Debra L)52012,392Bought at price 23.83 per share.
01 Feb 2021Brown (Julie)3,953--
01 Feb 2021Brown (Julie)1,88544,497Sold at price 23.61 per share.
15 Dec 2020Brown (Julie)1,29424,212Bought at price 18.71 per share.
15 Dec 2020Brown (Julie)247Sold at price 23.91 per share.
14 Dec 2020Brown (Julie)1,29423,962Exercise of Option at price 18.52 per share.
16 Nov 2020Arredondo de Vara (Fabiola)22,500486,157Bought at price 21.61 per share.
05 Aug 2020Key (Matthew David)4968,499Bought at price 17.14 per share.
05 Aug 2020Key (Matthew David)2975,093Bought at price 17.15 per share.
05 Aug 2020Key (Matthew David)84614,520Bought at price 17.16 per share.
05 Aug 2020Key (Matthew David)87114,961Bought at price 17.18 per share.
28 Jul 2020Fischer (Samuel Andrew)3,00049,068Bought at price 16.36 per share.
15 Jul 2020Darroch (Jeremy)0--
11 Jun 2020Brown (Julie)76,952--
11 Jun 2020Brown (Julie)37,006731,127Sold at price 19.76 per share.
22 May 2020Arredondo de Vara (Fabiola)0--
22 May 2020BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd.0--
22 May 2020Brown (Julie)0--
22 May 2020Darroch (Jeremy)0--
22 May 2020Frasch (Ronald L.)0--
22 May 2020Gobbetti (Marco)0--
22 May 2020Key (Matthew David)0--
22 May 2020Lee (Debra L)0--
22 May 2020Lindsell Train, Ltd.0--
22 May 2020Mc-Call (Carolyn Julia)0--
22 May 2020MFS Investment Management Ltd0--
22 May 2020Murphy (Gerry)0--
22 May 2020NiChionna (Orna G.)0--
28 Mar 2020MFS Investment Management Ltd0--
28 Mar 2020Murphy (Gerry)0--
28 Mar 2020NiChionna (Orna G.)0--
28 Mar 2020Gobbetti (Marco)0--
28 Mar 2020Key (Matthew David)0--
28 Mar 2020Lee (Debra L)0--
28 Mar 2020Lindsell Train, Ltd.0--
28 Mar 2020Mc-Call (Carolyn Julia)0--
28 Mar 2020Darroch (Jeremy)0--
28 Mar 2020Frasch (Ronald L.)0--
28 Mar 2020Arredondo de Vara (Fabiola)0--
28 Mar 2020BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd.0--
28 Mar 2020Brown (Julie)0--
28 Mar 2020Burberry Group Plc Esop Trust (The)0--
04 Mar 2020Burberry Group PLC7,184,905--
29 Feb 2020Burberry Group PLC0--
14 Feb 2020MFS Investment Management Ltd733,840--
05 Feb 2020Gobbetti (Marco)1,05327,816Bought at price 26.42 per share.
03 Feb 2020Brown (Julie)61615,639Bought at price 25.39 per share.