Auto Trader Group plc (LSE:AUTO) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Auto Trader Group plc (LSE:AUTO) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Auto Trader Group plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Auto Trader Group plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Auto Trader Group plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Auto Trader Group plc (AUTO).

22 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc323,0002,196,077Buy Back at price 6.80 per share.
21 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc334,0002,276,544Buy Back at price 6.82 per share.
16 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc328,0002,301,904Buy Back at price 7.02 per share.
15 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc321,0002,292,261Buy Back at price 7.14 per share.
14 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc311,0002,245,731Buy Back at price 7.22 per share.
12 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc302,0002,348,956Buy Back at price 7.78 per share.
09 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc153,0001,164,789Buy Back at price 7.61 per share.
08 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc154,0001,124,508Buy Back at price 7.30 per share.
07 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc156,0001,145,196Buy Back at price 7.34 per share.
07 Sep 2022BlackRock, Inc.2,475,139--
06 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc158,0001,162,722Buy Back at price 7.36 per share.
05 Sep 2022Auto Trader Group Plc156,0001,135,056Buy Back at price 7.28 per share.
02 Sep 2022BlackRock, Inc.2,775,890--
31 Aug 2022Auto Trader Group Plc49,508--
02 Aug 2022Auto Trader Group Plc335,0002,568,780Buy Back at price 7.67 per share.
01 Aug 2022Auto Trader Group Plc135,5291,054,009Buy Back at price 7.78 per share.
29 Jul 2022Auto Trader Group Plc23,541--
28 Jul 2022Auto Trader Group Plc325,3092,454,456Buy Back at price 7.54 per share.
27 Jul 2022Auto Trader Group Plc334,4912,479,247Buy Back at price 7.41 per share.
26 Jul 2022Auto Trader Group Plc360,0002,593,080Buy Back at price 7.20 per share.
21 Jul 2022Auto Trader Group Plc75,013547,894Buy Back at price 7.30 per share.
20 Jul 2022Auto Trader Group Plc335,0002,401,615Buy Back at price 7.17 per share.
19 Jul 2022Warner (Jamie)2,57910,795Exercise of Option at price 4.19 per share.
06 Jul 2022Warner (Jamie)21,057--
06 Jul 2022Warner (Jamie)10,18670,965Sold at price 6.97 per share.
06 Jul 2022Coe (Nathan James)170,743--
06 Jul 2022Coe (Nathan James)82,591575,411Sold at price 6.97 per share.
06 Jul 2022Faiers (Catherine)47,996--
06 Jul 2022Faiers (Catherine)23,217161,752Sold at price 6.97 per share.
30 Jun 2022Auto Trader Group Plc66,073--
07 Jun 2022BlackRock, Inc.2,138,364--
31 May 2022Auto Trader Group Plc11,347--
30 May 2022BlackRock, Inc.78,817--
26 May 2022Baillie Gifford0--
26 May 2022BlackRock, Inc.0--
26 May 2022Coe (Nathan James)0--
26 May 2022Faiers (Catherine)0--
26 May 2022Keens (David Wilson)0--
26 May 2022Warner (Jamie)0--
26 May 2022Williams (Edmund Warren)0--
29 Apr 2022Auto Trader Group Plc33,253--
22 Apr 2022Kayne Anderson Investment Management, L.L.C.16,558,986--
01 Apr 2022Auto Trader Group Plc0--
31 Mar 2022Kayne Anderson Investment Management, L.L.C.0--
31 Mar 2022Keens (David Wilson)0--
31 Mar 2022Warner (Jamie)0--
31 Mar 2022Williams (Edmund Warren)0--
31 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc0--
31 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc Employee Share Option Trust0--
31 Mar 2022Baillie Gifford0--
31 Mar 2022BlackRock, Inc.0--
31 Mar 2022Coe (Nathan James)0--
31 Mar 2022Faiers (Catherine)0--
25 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc139,2701,204,824Buy Back at price 8.65 per share.
24 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc155,0001,330,210Buy Back at price 8.58 per share.
23 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc160,0001,349,920Buy Back at price 8.44 per share.
21 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc144,0001,289,088Buy Back at price 8.95 per share.
18 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc143,0001,274,130Buy Back at price 8.91 per share.
17 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc144,0001,270,224Buy Back at price 8.82 per share.
16 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc6,47456,168Buy Back at price 8.68 per share.
14 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc144,0001,198,080Buy Back at price 8.32 per share.
10 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc136,0001,172,592Buy Back at price 8.62 per share.
09 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc115,762996,247Buy Back at price 8.61 per share.
07 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc150,0001,220,400Buy Back at price 8.14 per share.
04 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc145,0001,213,795Buy Back at price 8.37 per share.
03 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc138,0001,209,984Buy Back at price 8.77 per share.
02 Mar 2022Auto Trader Group Plc136,0001,226,720Buy Back at price 9.02 per share.
02 Mar 2022BlackRock, Inc.374,874--
28 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc120,0001,065,960Buy Back at price 8.88 per share.
28 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc0--
25 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc140,0001,221,780Buy Back at price 8.73 per share.
24 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc147,0001,234,800Buy Back at price 8.40 per share.
23 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc143,0001,235,520Buy Back at price 8.64 per share.
21 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc146,0001,248,738Buy Back at price 8.55 per share.
21 Feb 2022BlackRock, Inc.95,076--
11 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc148,0001,284,344Buy Back at price 8.68 per share.
10 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc140,0001,237,320Buy Back at price 8.84 per share.
09 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc139,0001,235,849Buy Back at price 8.89 per share.
08 Feb 2022BlackRock, Inc.195,585--
07 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc140,0001,242,920Buy Back at price 8.88 per share.
04 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc139,0001,235,571Buy Back at price 8.89 per share.
04 Feb 2022BlackRock, Inc.620,422--
03 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc135,0001,238,895Buy Back at price 9.18 per share.
02 Feb 2022Auto Trader Group Plc131,0001,243,190Buy Back at price 9.49 per share.
31 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc138,0001,237,584Buy Back at price 8.97 per share.
28 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc142,0001,231,424Buy Back at price 8.67 per share.
28 Jan 2022BlackRock, Inc.347,695--
27 Jan 2022BlackRock, Inc.744,653--
27 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc144,0001,241,280Buy Back at price 8.62 per share.
26 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc142,0001,229,010Buy Back at price 8.65 per share.
25 Jan 2022Kayne Anderson Investment Management, L.L.C.9,514,137--
24 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc138,0001,237,584Buy Back at price 8.97 per share.
20 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc133,0001,243,949Buy Back at price 9.35 per share.
19 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc134,0001,254,374Buy Back at price 9.36 per share.
17 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc134,0001,268,980Buy Back at price 9.47 per share.
14 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc130,0001,233,570Buy Back at price 9.49 per share.
13 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc130,0001,266,720Buy Back at price 9.74 per share.
12 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc130,0001,269,970Buy Back at price 9.77 per share.
10 Jan 2022Auto Trader Group Plc130,0001,238,900Buy Back at price 9.53 per share.
31 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc0--
17 Dec 2021BlackRock, Inc.335,572--
16 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc245,0152,349,693Buy Back at price 9.59 per share.
15 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc243,0002,314,089Buy Back at price 9.52 per share.
14 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc240,0002,309,760Buy Back at price 9.62 per share.
13 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc238,0002,308,838Buy Back at price 9.70 per share.
10 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc241,2002,355,559Buy Back at price 9.77 per share.
09 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc237,0002,308,854Buy Back at price 9.74 per share.
08 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc235,0002,303,235Buy Back at price 9.80 per share.
06 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc240,0002,298,480Buy Back at price 9.58 per share.
03 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc202,1151,917,465Buy Back at price 9.49 per share.
02 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc190,0001,815,260Buy Back at price 9.55 per share.
01 Dec 2021Auto Trader Group Plc190,0001,856,680Buy Back at price 9.77 per share.
30 Nov 2021Auto Trader Group Plc190,0001,856,680Buy Back at price 9.77 per share.
29 Nov 2021Auto Trader Group Plc190,0001,851,360Buy Back at price 9.74 per share.
26 Nov 2021Auto Trader Group Plc195,8701,907,382Buy Back at price 9.74 per share.
25 Nov 2021Auto Trader Group Plc190,0001,855,159Buy Back at price 9.76 per share.
24 Nov 2021Auto Trader Group Plc190,0001,860,860Buy Back at price 9.79 per share.
23 Nov 2021Auto Trader Group Plc190,0001,844,900Buy Back at price 9.71 per share.
22 Nov 2021Auto Trader Group Plc190,0001,878,339Buy Back at price 9.89 per share.
29 Oct 2021Auto Trader Group Plc4,869--
30 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc741--
28 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc374,6222,975,997Buy Back at price 7.94 per share.
27 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc410,0003,329,610Buy Back at price 8.12 per share.
24 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc296,9142,486,060Buy Back at price 8.37 per share.
23 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc287,3742,443,828Buy Back at price 8.50 per share.
22 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc302,7202,528,317Buy Back at price 8.35 per share.
21 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc301,7602,534,784Buy Back at price 8.40 per share.
20 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc409,1793,386,365Buy Back at price 8.28 per share.
17 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc381,0003,219,831Buy Back at price 8.45 per share.
16 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc377,0003,212,417Buy Back at price 8.52 per share.
16 Sep 2021BlackRock, Inc.2,074,151--
15 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc373,0003,169,008Buy Back at price 8.50 per share.
14 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc362,0003,088,584Buy Back at price 8.53 per share.
13 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc352,0003,053,600Buy Back at price 8.68 per share.
10 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc263,8102,347,381Buy Back at price 8.90 per share.
10 Sep 2021BlackRock, Inc.1,841,900--
09 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc343,0003,018,057Buy Back at price 8.80 per share.
08 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc340,0002,996,080Buy Back at price 8.81 per share.
08 Sep 2021BlackRock, Inc.603,291--
07 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc271,1932,392,193Buy Back at price 8.82 per share.
06 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc205,7651,827,398Buy Back at price 8.88 per share.
03 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc291,9952,566,636Buy Back at price 8.79 per share.
02 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc259,4212,306,771Buy Back at price 8.89 per share.
01 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc0--
01 Sep 2021Auto Trader Group Plc364,0003,177,355Buy Back at price 8.73 per share.
31 Aug 2021Auto Trader Group Plc341,0002,964,313Buy Back at price 8.69 per share.
26 Aug 2021Auto Trader Group Plc217,8331,877,066Buy Back at price 8.62 per share.
25 Aug 2021Auto Trader Group Plc195,0501,701,421Buy Back at price 8.72 per share.
24 Aug 2021Auto Trader Group Plc347,2533,022,142Buy Back at price 8.70 per share.
24 Aug 2021Kayne Anderson Investment Management, L.L.C.7,779,619--