Associated British Foods plc (LSE:ABF) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Associated British Foods plc (LSE:ABF) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Associated British Foods plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Associated British Foods plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Associated British Foods plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Associated British Foods plc (ABF).

26 Apr 2022Allen (Graham)1,80035,143Bought at price 19.52 per share.
26 Apr 2022Allen (Graham)2,20043,146Bought at price 19.61 per share.
17 Feb 2022Weston (George Garfield)0--
14 Jan 2022Bason (John George)2,85582,717Bought at price 28.97 per share.
12 Jan 2022Adamo (Emma)38,2041,095,041Sold at price 28.66 per share.
22 Nov 2021Weston (George Garfield)23,897611,117Sold at price 25.57 per share.
19 Nov 2021Weston (George Garfield)34,642--
19 Nov 2021Weston (George Garfield)16,050--
19 Nov 2021Bason (John George)22,882--
19 Nov 2021Bason (John George)10,602--
09 Nov 2021Adamo (Emma)0--
09 Nov 2021Allen (Graham)0--
09 Nov 2021Cairnie (Ruth)0--
09 Nov 2021Hauser (Wolfhart G)0--
09 Nov 2021Mclintock (Michael J)0--
09 Nov 2021Reid (Richard Harry)0--
05 Nov 2021Capital Group Companies, Inc.0--
18 Sep 2021Adamo (Emma)0--
18 Sep 2021Allen (Graham)0--
18 Sep 2021Associated British Foods Executive Share Incentive Plan 20030--
18 Sep 2021Cairnie (Ruth)0--
18 Sep 2021Hauser (Wolfhart G)0--
18 Sep 2021Mclintock (Michael J)0--
18 Sep 2021Reid (Richard Harry)0--
18 Sep 2021Wittington Investments Ltd0--
09 Jul 2021Bason (John George)50515,357Bought at price 30.41 per share.
08 Mar 2021Reid (Richard Harry)0--
03 Mar 2021Weston (George Garfield)118,152--
21 Jan 2021Weston (George Garfield)938,69629,891,835Sold at price 31.84 per share.
29 Dec 2020Weston (George Garfield)253,6167,960,499Sold at price 31.39 per share.
24 Dec 2020Weston (George Garfield)46,2141,415,719Sold at price 30.63 per share.
24 Dec 2020Weston (George Garfield)70,0002,186,170Sold at price 31.23 per share.
23 Dec 2020Weston (George Garfield)64,9611,974,619Sold at price 30.40 per share.
16 Dec 2020Weston (George Garfield)34,9661,088,141Sold at price 31.12 per share.
14 Dec 2020Weston (George Garfield)182,6755,602,094Sold at price 30.67 per share.
23 Nov 2020Weston (George Garfield)3,950207,872Sold at price 52.63 per share.
23 Nov 2020Bason (John George)1,51840,589Sold at price 26.74 per share.
20 Nov 2020Bason (John George)5,518--
20 Nov 2020Weston (George Garfield)8,378--
03 Nov 2020Mclintock (Michael J)9,000201,906Bought at price 22.43 per share.
30 Oct 2020Mclintock (Michael J)0--
30 Oct 2020Reid (Richard Harry)0--
30 Oct 2020Weston (George Garfield)0--
30 Oct 2020Adamo (Emma)0--
30 Oct 2020Allen (Graham)0--
30 Oct 2020Bason (John George)0--
30 Oct 2020Cairnie (Ruth)0--
30 Oct 2020Capital Group Companies, Inc.0--
30 Oct 2020Hauser (Wolfhart G)0--
12 Sep 2020Adamo (Emma)0--
12 Sep 2020Allen (Graham)0--
12 Sep 2020Associated British Foods Executive Share Incentive Plan 20030--
12 Sep 2020Bason (John George)0--
12 Sep 2020Cairnie (Ruth)0--
12 Sep 2020Hauser (Wolfhart G)0--
12 Sep 2020Mclintock (Michael J)0--
12 Sep 2020Reid (Richard Harry)0--
12 Sep 2020Weston (George Garfield)0--
12 Sep 2020Wittington Investments Ltd0--
28 Feb 2020Allen (Graham)1,00029,319Bought at price 29.32 per share.
28 Feb 2020Allen (Graham)2,00058,228Bought at price 29.11 per share.
10 Jan 2020Bason (John George)2,24877,794Bought at price 34.61 per share.
26 Nov 2019Bason (John George)20,827679,501Sold at price 32.63 per share.
26 Nov 2019Weston (George Garfield)31,6231,031,731Sold at price 32.63 per share.
25 Nov 2019Weston (George Garfield)67,080--
25 Nov 2019Bason (John George)44,178--
30 Oct 2019Adamo (Emma)0--
30 Oct 2019Allen (Graham)0--
30 Oct 2019Cairnie (Ruth)0--
30 Oct 2019Hauser (Wolfhart G)0--
30 Oct 2019Mclintock (Michael J)0--
30 Oct 2019Reid (Richard Harry)0--
30 Oct 2019Wittington Investments Ltd0--
14 Sep 2019Mclintock (Michael J)0--
14 Sep 2019Reid (Richard Harry)0--
14 Sep 2019Wittington Investments Ltd0--
14 Sep 2019Adamo (Emma)0--
14 Sep 2019Allen (Graham)0--
14 Sep 2019Associated British Foods Executive Share Incentive Plan 20030--
14 Sep 2019Cairnie (Ruth)0--
14 Sep 2019Capital Group Companies, Inc.0--
14 Sep 2019Hauser (Wolfhart G)0--
11 Sep 2019Cairnie (Ruth)1,11030,523Bought at price 27.50 per share.
11 Sep 2019Cairnie (Ruth)1,11330,675Bought at price 27.56 per share.
11 Jul 2019Bason (John George)73622,610Bought at price 30.72 per share.
11 Jul 2019Bason (John George)41711,709Bought at price 28.08 per share.
01 Mar 2019Allen (Graham)3,00089,115Bought at price 29.70 per share.
11 Jan 2019Bason (John George)1,45642,104Bought at price 28.92 per share.
26 Nov 2018Bason (John George)18,438590,347Sold at price 32.02 per share.
26 Nov 2018Weston (George Garfield)27,997896,407Sold at price 32.02 per share.
23 Nov 2018Weston (George Garfield)59,388--
23 Nov 2018Bason (John George)39,110--
31 Oct 2018Adamo (Emma)0--
31 Oct 2018Bason (John George)0--
31 Oct 2018Cairnie (Ruth)0--
31 Oct 2018Ferran (Javier)0--
31 Oct 2018Hauser (Wolfhart G)0--
31 Oct 2018Mclintock (Michael J)0--
31 Oct 2018Reid (Richard Harry)0--
31 Oct 2018Weston (George Garfield)0--
31 Oct 2018Wittington Investments Ltd0--
18 Oct 2018Capital Group Companies, Inc.39,144,452--
15 Sep 2018Associated British Foods Executive Share Incentive Plan 20030--
15 Sep 2018Capital Group Companies, Inc.0--
12 Jul 2018Bason (John George)1394,571Bought at price 32.89 per share.
06 Jul 2018Bason (John George)45215,268Bought at price 33.78 per share.
29 May 2018Bason (John George)30,0001,074,510Sold at price 35.82 per share.
29 May 2018Bason (John George)30,0001,072,920Bought at price 35.76 per share.
18 Apr 2018Mclintock (Michael J)7,500286,290Bought at price 38.17 per share.
27 Feb 2018MacGregor (John Roddick Russell)7,500283,290Bought at price 37.77 per share.
12 Jan 2018Bason (John George)1,32451,489Bought at price 38.89 per share.
27 Nov 2017Bason (John George)21,716879,932Sold at price 40.52 per share.
27 Nov 2017Weston (George Garfield)15,543629,802Sold at price 40.52 per share.
24 Nov 2017Weston (George Garfield)32,969--
24 Nov 2017Bason (John George)21,716--
07 Nov 2017Adamo (Emma)0--
07 Nov 2017Bason (John George)0--
07 Nov 2017Cairnie (Ruth)0--
07 Nov 2017Clarke (Timothy)0--
07 Nov 2017Ferran (Javier)0--
07 Nov 2017Hauser (Wolfhart G)0--
07 Nov 2017Reid (Richard Harry)0--
07 Nov 2017Sinclair (Charles James Francis)0--
07 Nov 2017Weston (George Garfield)0--
07 Nov 2017Wittington Investments Ltd0--
01 Nov 2017Capital Group Companies, Inc.0--
16 Sep 2017Associated British Foods Executive Share Incentive Plan 20030--
07 Jul 2017Bason (John George)47718,419Bought at price 38.62 per share.
15 May 2017Capital Group Companies, Inc.1,373,184--
09 Feb 2017Cairnie (Ruth)15467Bought at price 31.14 per share.
09 Feb 2017Cairnie (Ruth)60218,751Bought at price 31.15 per share.
09 Feb 2017Cairnie (Ruth)87627,241Bought at price 31.10 per share.
09 Feb 2017Sinclair (Charles James Francis)2,00061,946Bought at price 30.97 per share.
13 Jan 2017Bason (John George)1,27140,159Bought at price 31.60 per share.
24 Nov 2016Sinclair (Charles James Francis)3,240104,661Bought at price 32.30 per share.
02 Nov 2016Wittington Investments Ltd0--
02 Nov 2016Capital Group Companies, Inc.0--
17 Sep 2016Adamo (Emma)0--
17 Sep 2016Associated British Foods Executive Share Incentive Plan 20030--
17 Sep 2016Bason (John George)0--
17 Sep 2016Cairnie (Ruth)0--
17 Sep 2016Clarke (Timothy)0--
17 Sep 2016Ferran (Javier)0--
17 Sep 2016Hauser (Wolfhart G)0--
17 Sep 2016Reid (Richard Harry)0--
17 Sep 2016Sinclair (Charles James Francis)0--
17 Sep 2016Weston (George Garfield)0--
14 Jul 2016Capital Group Companies, Inc.15,712,300--
13 Jul 2016Reid (Richard Harry)3,347124,069Bought at price 37.07 per share.
07 Jul 2016Hauser (Wolfhart G)2,00068,640Bought at price 34.32 per share.