Regis Resources Limited (ASX:RRL) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Regis Resources Limited (ASX:RRL) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Regis Resources Limited's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Regis Resources Limited to the ASX stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Regis Resources Limited Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Regis Resources Limited (RRL).

DateDirectorDirector's TitleSharesValueNote
02 Jul 2021Beyer (James)Managing Director37,816--
12 May 2021Beyer (James)Managing Director19,757--
12 May 2021Burnett (Lynda Margaret)Director (Non-Executive)3,8978,127Other at price 2.09 per share.
12 May 2021Mactier (James)Non Executive Chairman16,23433,859Other at price 2.09 per share.
12 May 2021Morgan (Fiona)Director (Non-Executive)7,41015,455Other at price 2.09 per share.
12 May 2021Scudamore (Steve)Director (Non-Executive)8,45217,628Other at price 2.09 per share.
30 Dec 2020Scudamore (Steve)Director (Non-Executive)5,42415,492Purchase at price 2.86 per share.
22 Dec 2020Barwick (Russell Christopher)Director (Non-Executive)5,00014,647Purchase at price 2.93 per share.
06 Nov 2020Mactier (James)Non Executive Chairman5,00015,380Purchase at price 3.08 per share.
05 Nov 2020Morgan (Fiona)Director (Non-Executive)4,00011,968Purchase at price 2.99 per share.
03 Nov 2020Morgan (Fiona)Director (Non-Executive)7,00021,086Purchase at price 3.01 per share.
16 Oct 2020Beyer (James)Managing Director9583,391Acquisition at price 3.54 per share.
31 Aug 2020Burnett (Lynda Margaret)Director (Non-Executive)6,00023,364Purchase at price 3.89 per share.
28 Aug 2020Scudamore (Steve)Director (Non-Executive)6,79525,776Purchase at price 3.79 per share.
06 Jul 2020Beyer (James)Managing Director30,890--
13 Mar 2020Mactier (James)Director (Non-Executive)10,00018,607Purchase at price 1.86 per share.
04 Mar 2020Scudamore (Steve)Director6,22416,727Purchase at price 2.69 per share.
26 Nov 2019Kestel (Ross)Former75,000--
28 Aug 2019Scudamore (Steve)Director7,58926,927Purchase at price 3.55 per share.
27 Aug 2019Mactier (James)Director (Non-Executive)10,00034,700Purchase at price 3.47 per share.
30 Jun 2019Ertzen (Myles)Former200,000--
30 Jun 2019Massey (Kim)Chief Financial Officer69,333--
30 Jun 2019Morgan (Fiona)Director (Non-Executive)2,450--
05 Nov 2018Beyer (James)Managing Director29,00089,476Purchase at price 3.09 per share.
24 Oct 2018Thomas (Paul)Director (Executive)168,415513,581Sale at price 3.05 per share.
22 Oct 2018Mactier (James)Director (Non-Executive)25,00075,567Purchase at price 3.02 per share.
12 Sep 2018Thomas (Paul)Director (Executive)168,415169,004Exercise at price 1.00 per share.
07 Sep 2018Clark (Mark John)Executive Chairman750,000746,100Exercise at price 0.99 per share.
30 Aug 2018Clark (Mark John)Executive Chairman168,000--
30 Aug 2018Thomas (Paul)Director (Executive)95,333--
30 Jun 2018Ertzen (Myles)Divisional Officer200,000--
13 Sep 2017Clark (Mark John)Executive Chairman750,000838,274Exercise at price 1.12 per share.
13 Sep 2017Clark (Mark John)Executive Chairman210,000667,884Sale at price 3.18 per share.
30 Jun 2017Morgan (Fiona)Director (Non-Executive)2,450--
11 Aug 2016Clark (Mark John)Executive Chairman2,500,0008,060,250Sale at price 3.22 per share.
29 Jul 2016Evans (Glyn)Former1,007,815--
30 Jun 2016Balkau (Jens)Retired1,525,464--
30 Jun 2016Evans (Mick)Former701,707--
30 Jun 2016Massey (Kim)Chief Financial Officer161,049--
30 Jun 2016Thomas (Paul)Chief Operating Officer80,000--
29 Apr 2016Giorgetta (Nicola Enrico Antonio)Former19,529,671--
22 Jan 2016Clark (Mark John)Executive Chairman4,500,0007,686,000Sale at price 1.71 per share.
22 Jan 2016Evans (Glyn)Director (Non-Executive)2,000,0003,416,000Sale at price 1.71 per share.
22 Jan 2016Okeby (Donald Mark)Deputy Chairman500,000854,000Sale at price 1.71 per share.
07 Aug 2015Giorgetta (Nicola Enrico Antonio)Chairman of the Board3,000,0002,877,300Purchase at price 0.96 per share.
06 Aug 2015Evans (Glyn)Director (Non-Executive)728,001--
23 Jul 2015Kestel (Ross)Director (Non-Executive)0--
30 Jun 2015Evans (Mick)Divisional Officer161,481--
14 Jan 2015Giorgetta (Nicola Enrico Antonio)Chairman of the Board5,000,0008,433,500Sale at price 1.69 per share.
30 Jun 2014Evans (Mick)Divisional Officer250,000--
30 Jun 2014Hinkley (Tony)Former852,500--
30 Jun 2014Massey (Kim)Chief Financial Officer75,124--
28 May 2014Giorgetta (Nicola Enrico Antonio)Chairman of the Board1,000,0001,405,600Purchase at price 1.41 per share.
25 Feb 2014Hart (Morgan Cain)Former611,112--
30 Jun 2013Balkau (Jens)Divisional Officer638,119--
30 Jun 2013Ertzen (Myles)Former1,000,000--
30 Jun 2013Hinkley (Tony)Divisional Officer100,000--
30 Jun 2013Massey (Kim)Chief Financial Officer69,259--
30 Jun 2012Balkau (Jens)Divisional Officer675,097--
30 Jun 2012Ertzen (Myles)Divisional Officer540,900--
30 Jun 2012Evans (Mick)Divisional Officer100,000--
30 Jun 2012Hinkley (Tony)Divisional Officer100,000--
21 Sep 2011Giorgetta (Nicola Enrico Antonio)Chairman of the Board0--
30 Jun 2011Balkau (Jens)Divisional Officer665,071--
30 Jun 2011Ertzen (Myles)Divisional Officer1,540,900--
30 Jun 2011Evans (Mick)Divisional Officer200,000--
30 Jun 2011Hinkley (Tony)Divisional Officer50,000--
30 Jun 2011Massey (Kim)Chief Financial Officer26,191--
30 Jul 2010Giorgetta (Nicola Enrico Antonio)Chairman of the Board2,000,0001,701,800Purchase at price 0.85 per share.
30 Jun 2010Balkau (Jens)Divisional Officer730,000--
30 Jun 2010Evans (Mick)Divisional Officer913,188--
30 Jun 2010Hinkley (Tony)Divisional Officer802,500--
30 Jun 2010Massey (Kim)Chief Financial Officer42,857--
23 Dec 2009Giorgetta (Nicola Enrico Antonio)Chairman of the Board8,407,9893,110,955Other at price 0.37 per share.
22 Dec 2009Clark (Mark John)Managing Director4,207,274294,509Other at price 0.07 per share.
22 Dec 2009Hart (Morgan Cain)Director (Executive)5,258,0391,934,432Other at price 0.37 per share.
22 Dec 2009Okeby (Donald Mark)Director (Non-Executive)1,200,000441,480Other at price 0.37 per share.
08 Dec 2009Giorgetta (Nicola Enrico Antonio)Chairman of the Board2,535,0231,149,886Purchase at price 0.45 per share.
04 May 2009Walker (David Anthony)Former2,591,145--
16 Feb 2009Folie (George Michael)Former621,506--
06 Feb 2009Walker (David Anthony)Managing Director100,00012,040Purchase at price 0.12 per share.
20 Nov 2008Walker (David Anthony)Managing Director250,00012,325Other at price 0.05 per share.
12 Nov 2008Walker (David Anthony)Managing Director310,000--
03 Nov 2008Walker (David Anthony)Managing Director20,0001,086Other at price 0.05 per share.
17 Oct 2008Walker (David Anthony)Managing Director170,0009,367Other at price 0.06 per share.
10 Oct 2008Walker (David Anthony)Managing Director240,00012,528Other at price 0.05 per share.
22 Sep 2008Walker (David Anthony)Managing Director185,17525,017Other at price 0.14 per share.
04 Sep 2008Walker (David Anthony)Managing Director228,47030,386Other at price 0.13 per share.
21 Aug 2008Walker (David Anthony)Managing Director245,00027,979Other at price 0.11 per share.
27 May 2008Folie (George Michael)Chairman of the Board104,00032,936Purchase at price 0.32 per share.
23 May 2008Folie (George Michael)Chairman of the Board46,00013,266Purchase at price 0.29 per share.
25 Feb 2008Folie (George Michael)Chairman of the Board81,50636,180Other at price 0.44 per share.