Aurizon Holdings Limited (ASX:AZJ) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Aurizon Holdings Limited (ASX:AZJ) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Aurizon Holdings Limited's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Aurizon Holdings Limited to the ASX stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Aurizon Holdings Limited Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Aurizon Holdings Limited (AZJ).

DateDirectorDirector's TitleSharesValueNote
23 Jun 2021Bastos (Marcelo)Director (Non-Executive)10,00028,304Purchase at price 2.83 per share.
23 Jun 2021Ryan (Sarah)Independent Non-Executive Director10,40129,466Purchase at price 2.83 per share.
23 Jun 2021Ryan (Sarah)Independent Non-Executive Director4,59913,011Purchase at price 2.83 per share.
23 Jun 2021Strambi (Lyell)Independent Non-Executive Director7,21720,390Purchase at price 2.83 per share.
23 Jun 2021Strambi (Lyell)Independent Non-Executive Director6,18717,457Purchase at price 2.82 per share.
21 Jun 2021Bastos (Marcelo)Director (Non-Executive)10,00027,879Purchase at price 2.79 per share.
14 Apr 2021Ryan (Sarah)Independent Executive Director1,3834,163Purchase at price 3.01 per share.
14 Apr 2021Ryan (Sarah)Independent Executive Director8,61725,876Purchase at price 3.00 per share.
18 Feb 2021Strambi (Lyell)Independent Non-Executive Director10,07531,065Purchase at price 3.08 per share.
23 Oct 2020Poole (Tim Michael)Chairman of the Board25,00071,885Purchase at price 2.88 per share.
15 Oct 2020Harding (Andrew)Chief Executive Officer40,000117,384Purchase at price 2.93 per share.
15 Oct 2020Ryan (Sarah)Independent Executive Director10,00029,289Purchase at price 2.93 per share.
28 Sep 2020Harding (Andrew)Chief Executive Officer170,846--
21 Sep 2020Strambi (Lyell)Independent Non-Executive Director13,95342,528Purchase at price 3.05 per share.
01 Sep 2020Harding (Andrew)Chief Executive Officer48,682--
27 Aug 2020Lewis (Samantha Louise)Director (Non-Executive)10,00031,644Purchase at price 3.16 per share.
13 Aug 2020Lewis (Samantha Louise)Director (Non-Executive)10,00033,023Purchase at price 3.30 per share.
30 Jun 2020Bains (Pam)Divisional Officer17,258--
30 Jun 2020Bastos (Marcelo)Director (Non-Executive)6,000--
30 Jun 2020McDonald (Clay)Divisional Officer16,558--
01 May 2020Ryan (Sarah)Director4,00011,757Purchase at price 2.94 per share.
27 Mar 2020Strambi (Lyell)Director2,0005,301Purchase at price 2.65 per share.
20 Mar 2020Harding (Andrew)Chief Executive Officer20,00042,904Purchase at price 2.15 per share.
18 Mar 2020Poole (Tim Michael)Chairman of the Board20,00044,509Purchase at price 2.23 per share.
16 Mar 2020Lewis (Samantha Louise)Director (Non-Executive)10,00024,956Purchase at price 2.50 per share.
10 Mar 2020Harding (Andrew)Chief Executive Officer10,00028,621Purchase at price 2.86 per share.
02 Mar 2020Harding (Andrew)Chief Executive Officer5,00015,726Purchase at price 3.15 per share.
30 Sep 2019Harding (Andrew)Chief Executive Officer199,921--
15 Aug 2019Bastos (Marcelo)Director (Non-Executive)8,54733,874Purchase at price 3.96 per share.
30 Jun 2019Bains (Pam)Chief Financial Officer45,279--
30 Jun 2019McDonald (Clay)Divisional Officer5,274--
08 May 2019Harding (Andrew)Chief Executive Officer30,000101,883Purchase at price 3.40 per share.
06 May 2019Fraser (Michael)Director (Non-Executive)30,000101,793Purchase at price 3.39 per share.
26 Sep 2018Harding (Andrew)Chief Executive Officer42,076--
30 Jun 2018Bains (Pam)Chief Financial Officer6,864--
30 Jun 2018McKeiver (Ed)Divisional Officer39,367--
19 Mar 2018Bastos (Marcelo)Director (Non-Executive)11,40038,532Purchase at price 3.38 per share.
08 Mar 2018Harding (Andrew)Chief Executive Officer10,00033,648Purchase at price 3.36 per share.
28 Aug 2017Cooper (John David)Director (Independent)10,00039,332Purchase at price 3.93 per share.
30 Jun 2017Carter (Michael G)Divisional Officer143,065--
27 Feb 2017Cooper (John David)Director (Independent)15,00059,488Purchase at price 3.97 per share.
01 Dec 2016Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Former205,430--
28 Oct 2016Vidgen (Katherine Elizabeth)Director (Non-Executive)40,000146,124Purchase at price 3.65 per share.
26 Sep 2016Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer152,699--
06 Sep 2016Poole (Tim Michael)Chairman of the Board30,000100,188Purchase at price 3.34 per share.
06 Sep 2016Poole (Tim Michael)Chairman of the Board15,00050,205Purchase at price 3.35 per share.
22 Aug 2016Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer118,902--
30 Jun 2016Carter (Michael G)Divisional Officer61,990--
30 Jun 2016De Moraes (M Neves)Divisional Officer25,000--
30 Jun 2016Kummant (Alex)Divisional Officer132,403--
30 Jun 2016Neate (Keith)Chief Financial Officer137,005--
17 Feb 2016Lewis (Samantha Louise)Director (Non-Executive)13,32535,790Purchase at price 2.69 per share.
16 Feb 2016Cooper (John David)Director (Independent)10,00026,227Purchase at price 2.62 per share.
12 Feb 2016Atkin (John)Former35,072--
12 Feb 2016Tilbrook (Gene Thomas)Former49,112--
24 Dec 2015Cooper (John David)Director (Independent)15,00045,571Purchase at price 3.04 per share.
12 Nov 2015John (Graeme Thomas)Former57,132--
22 Sep 2015Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer70,200--
28 Aug 2015Lewis (Samantha Louise)Director (Non-Executive)5,10017,993Purchase at price 3.53 per share.
24 Aug 2015Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer805,899--
20 Aug 2015Field (Karen Lesley)Director (Independent)26,21399,032Purchase at price 3.78 per share.
30 Jun 2015De Moraes (M Neves)Divisional Officer25,000--
30 Jun 2015Franczak (J M)Divisional Officer100,000--
30 Jun 2015Neate (Keith)Chief Financial Officer45,204--
21 Apr 2015Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer500,0001,774,350Sale at price 3.55 per share.
27 Feb 2015Lewis (Samantha Louise)Director (Non-Executive)14,60054,268Purchase at price 3.72 per share.
13 Oct 2014Cooper (John David)Director (Independent)5,00018,325Purchase at price 3.67 per share.
22 Aug 2014Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer247,093--
19 Aug 2014Zito (Pasquale)Director (Independent)10,00045,100Purchase at price 4.51 per share.
30 Jun 2014Carter (Michael G)Divisional Officer167,000--
30 Jun 2014De Moraes (M Neves)Director75,000--
30 Jun 2014De Moraes (M Neves)Director0--
30 Jun 2014Franczak (J M)Divisional Officer100,000--
30 Jun 2014Kummant (Alex)Divisional Officer100,000--
30 Jun 2014Neate (Keith)Chief Financial Officer17,000--
30 Jun 2014Pringle (Greg P)Divisional Officer155,000--
30 Jun 2014Stephens (John R)Divisional Officer18,000--
27 Jun 2014Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer50,000236,525Sale at price 4.73 per share.
26 Jun 2014Cooper (John David)Director (Independent)10,00046,668Purchase at price 4.67 per share.
26 Jun 2014Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer200,000941,339Sale at price 4.71 per share.
04 Dec 2013Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer639,999--
08 Oct 2013Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer65,509285,304Sale at price 4.36 per share.
23 Aug 2013Cooper (John David)Director (Independent)10,00040,589Purchase at price 4.06 per share.
30 Jun 2013Carter (Michael G)Divisional Officer25,000--
30 Jun 2013Kummant (Alex)Divisional Officer100,000--
30 Jun 2013Lewsey (Kenneth Roy)Divisional Officer29,000--
30 Jun 2013Neate (Keith)Chief Financial Officer20,000--
30 Jun 2013Pringle (Greg P)Divisional Officer26,000--
30 Jun 2013Scurrah (Paul)Divisional Officer40,000--
30 Jun 2013Stephens (John R)Divisional Officer29,000--
20 May 2013Staines (Andrea Joy Powys)Director (Independent)3,00013,179Purchase at price 4.39 per share.
20 May 2013Staines (Andrea Joy Powys)Director (Independent)6,00026,387Purchase at price 4.40 per share.
17 May 2013Cooper (John David)Director (Independent)8,00034,068Purchase at price 4.26 per share.
21 Nov 2012Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer333,333--
07 Sep 2012Field (Karen Lesley)Director (Independent)14,245--
04 Sep 2012Tilbrook (Gene Thomas)Director (Independent)8,00028,040Purchase at price 3.51 per share.
31 Aug 2012Tilbrook (Gene Thomas)Director (Independent)10,00036,532Purchase at price 3.65 per share.
29 Aug 2012Atkin (John)Director (Non-Executive)14,164--
30 Jun 2012Carter (Michael G)Divisional Officer22,000--
30 Jun 2012Cooper (Lindsay J)Divisional Officer1,000--
30 Jun 2012Lewsey (Kenneth Roy)Divisional Officer2,000--
30 Jun 2012O'Toole (Deborah M)Chief Financial Officer1,000--
30 Jun 2012Pringle (Greg P)Divisional Officer1,000--
30 Jun 2012Scurrah (Paul)Divisional Officer40,000--
03 May 2012Cooper (John David)Director (Independent)12,00045,562Purchase at price 3.80 per share.
22 Dec 2011Atkin (John)Director (Non-Executive)500--
22 Dec 2011Caplan (Russell Ronald)Director (Independent)500--
22 Dec 2011Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer1,350--
22 Dec 2011John (Graeme Thomas)Director (Independent)500--
22 Dec 2011Staines (Andrea Joy Powys)Director (Independent)326--
22 Dec 2011Tilbrook (Gene Thomas)Director (Independent)500--
13 Dec 2011Davies (Allan James)Former102,040--
22 Nov 2011Hockridge (Lance Edwin)Chief Executive Officer333,333--
23 Sep 2011John (Graeme Thomas)Director (Independent)10,00031,191Purchase at price 3.12 per share.
30 Jun 2011Carter (Michael G)Divisional Officer41,000--
30 Jun 2011Cooper (Lindsay J)Divisional Officer12,000--
30 Jun 2011Davies (Curtis M)Divisional Officer112,000--
30 Jun 2011Lewsey (Kenneth Roy)Divisional Officer61,000--
30 Jun 2011McAuliffe (Marcus P)Divisional Officer20,000--
30 Jun 2011O'Toole (Deborah M)Chief Financial Officer105,000--
30 Jun 2011Pringle (Greg P)Divisional Officer29,000--
30 Jun 2011Stephens (John R)Divisional Officer91,000--