ASX Limited (ASX:ASX) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of ASX Limited (ASX:ASX) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the ASX Limited's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by ASX Limited to the ASX stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

ASX Limited Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from ASX Limited (ASX).

DateDirectorDirector's TitleSharesValueNote
21 Apr 2021Holliday-Smith (Roderic)Former12,000--
18 Feb 2021Nash (Peter Stanley)Independent Non-Executive Director1,00053,856Purchase at price 53.86 per share.
16 Feb 2021Roche (Damian)Director (Non-Executive)4,000218,936Purchase at price 54.73 per share.
06 Oct 2020Stevens (Dominic John)Chief Executive Officer10,444--
30 Sep 2020Warne (Peter Hastings)Retired6,000--
08 Sep 2020Stevens (Dominic John)Chief Executive Officer5,183--
30 Jun 2020Hiom (Peter D.)Divisional Officer19,410--
30 Jun 2020Hogben (Timothy J)Chief Operating Officer944--
30 Jun 2020Larkins (Gillian)Chief Financial Officer674--
30 Jun 2020Treleaven (Hamish J)Chief Risk Officer2,358--
19 Feb 2020Woods (Robert)Director (Non-Executive)3,000164,104Purchase at price 54.70 per share.
17 Feb 2020Nash (Peter Stanley)Director1,00055,006Purchase at price 55.01 per share.
05 Sep 2019Stevens (Dominic John)Director (Non-Executive)6,145--
26 Aug 2019Nash (Peter Stanley)Director1,00057,064Purchase at price 57.06 per share.
30 Jun 2019Aziz (Ramy)Former1,789--
30 Jun 2019Hiom (Peter D.)Divisional Officer3,545--
30 Jun 2019Hogben (Timothy J)Chief Operating Officer4,240--
30 Jun 2019Treleaven (Hamish J)Chief Risk Officer2,995--
04 Sep 2018Stevens (Dominic John)Director (Non-Executive)17,886861,218Other at price 48.15 per share.
30 Jun 2018Aziz (Ramy)Chief Financial Officer3,990--
30 Jun 2018Hiom (Peter D.)Divisional Officer18,039--
30 Jun 2018Hogben (Timothy J)Chief Operating Officer4,709--
19 Jun 2018Priestley (Robert)Former5,000--
11 Oct 2017Conrad (Melinda Blanton)Director (Non-Executive)3,000124,734Purchase at price 41.58 per share.
05 Sep 2017Stevens (Dominic John)Director (Non-Executive)18,254790,122Other at price 43.28 per share.
31 Aug 2017Priestley (Robert)Director (Non-Executive)5,000217,602Purchase at price 43.52 per share.
30 Jun 2017Aziz (Ramy)Chief Financial Officer3,507--
30 Jun 2017Bardwell (Alan J.)Former4,930--
30 Jun 2017Harkness (Amanda J)Secretary6,021--
30 Jun 2017Hiom (Peter D.)Divisional Officer12,110--
30 Jun 2017Hogben (Timothy J)Chief Operating Officer4,111--
23 Aug 2016Conrad (Melinda Blanton)Director (Non-Executive)2,00078,829Purchase at price 39.41 per share.
30 Jun 2016Bardwell (Alan J.)Chief Risk Officer24--
09 Mar 2016Holliday-Smith (Roderic)Chairman of the Board2,00064,236Purchase at price 32.12 per share.
27 Oct 2015Henry (Kenneth Ross)Director (Independent)3,14093,314Purchase at price 29.72 per share.
01 Sep 2015Segal (Jillian Shirley)Retired4,211--
21 Aug 2015Allen (Yasmin Anita)Director (Non-Executive)5,000151,576Purchase at price 30.32 per share.
21 Aug 2015Holliday-Smith (Roderic)Chairman of the Board2,00059,708Purchase at price 29.85 per share.
30 Jun 2015Hogben (Timothy J)Divisional Officer3,331--
21 Oct 2014Ridout (Heather)Director5,000152,449Purchase at price 30.49 per share.
10 Oct 2014Segal (Jillian Shirley)Director (Independent)2,00060,374Purchase at price 30.19 per share.
07 Oct 2014Henry (Kenneth Ross)Director (Independent)1,86057,998Purchase at price 31.18 per share.
02 Oct 2014Holliday-Smith (Roderic)Chairman of the Board3,772119,437Purchase at price 31.66 per share.
25 Sep 2014Roche (Damian)Director (Non-Executive)10,000319,128Purchase at price 31.91 per share.
25 Sep 2014Stevens (Dominic John)Director (Non-Executive)11,500364,851Purchase at price 31.73 per share.
24 Sep 2014Marriott (Peter Ralph)Director (Independent)2,00064,141Purchase at price 32.07 per share.
30 Jun 2014Aziz (Ramy)Chief Financial Officer768--
30 Jun 2014Bardwell (Alan J.)Chief Risk Officer468--
30 Jun 2014Harkness (Amanda J)Secretary2,100--
30 Jun 2014Hiom (Peter D.)Divisional Officer2,100--
30 Jun 2014Hogben (Timothy J)Divisional Officer2,100--
19 Sep 2013Aboud (Russell)Former25,000--
16 Jul 2013Finemore (Shane Douglas)Director (Independent)42211,710Other at price 27.75 per share.
16 Jul 2013Holliday-Smith (Roderic)Chairman of the Board40311,183Other at price 27.75 per share.
16 Jul 2013Kupper (Elmer Funke)Chief Executive Officer1,05329,220Other at price 27.75 per share.
16 Jul 2013Marriott (Peter Ralph)Director (Independent)3168,769Other at price 27.75 per share.
16 Jul 2013Segal (Jillian Shirley)Director (Independent)2115,855Other at price 27.75 per share.
27 Aug 2012Kupper (Elmer Funke)Chief Executive Officer10,000315,710Purchase at price 31.57 per share.
09 Jul 2012Olsson (Jeff J)Former2,655--
28 Mar 2012Gonski (David Michael)Former15,806--
04 Aug 2011Warne (Peter Hastings)Director (Independent)39023,274Purchase at price 59.68 per share.
30 Jun 2011Bardwell (Alan J.)Chief Risk Officer544--
30 Jun 2011Hiom (Peter D.)Divisional Officer24,610--
30 Jun 2011Olsson (Jeff J)Divisional Officer52,408--
18 Apr 2011Elstone (Robert George)Chief Executive Officer8,000275,945Sale at price 34.49 per share.
12 Apr 2011Elstone (Robert George)Chief Executive Officer26,916940,977Sale at price 34.96 per share.
13 Dec 2010Elstone (Robert George)Chief Executive Officer6,916--
02 Jul 2010Rowe (Trevor Cyril)Retired4,300--
30 Jun 2010Bardwell (Alan J.)Chief Risk Officer3,873--
30 Jun 2010Hiom (Peter D.)Divisional Officer31,295--
30 Jun 2010Olsson (Jeff J)Divisional Officer16,110--
30 Jun 2010Scully (Colin R.)Divisional Officer49,495--
24 Feb 2010Elstone (Robert George)Chief Executive Officer19,000620,230Sale at price 32.64 per share.
23 Feb 2010Elstone (Robert George)Chief Executive Officer43,7861,436,929Sale at price 32.82 per share.
22 Feb 2010Elstone (Robert George)Chief Executive Officer1,21440,316Sale at price 33.21 per share.
28 Oct 2009Finemore (Shane Douglas)Director (Independent)4,000126,347Purchase at price 31.59 per share.
21 Oct 2009Elstone (Robert George)Chief Executive Officer35,2491,145,067Sale at price 32.49 per share.
20 Oct 2009Elstone (Robert George)Chief Executive Officer20,000646,490Sale at price 32.32 per share.
16 Oct 2009Elstone (Robert George)Chief Executive Officer14,751484,738Sale at price 32.86 per share.
15 Oct 2009Aboud (Russell)Director (Independent)75,0002,443,965Sale at price 32.59 per share.
05 Oct 2009Marriott (Peter Ralph)Director (Non-Executive)3,00089,991Purchase at price 30.00 per share.
20 Aug 2009Elstone (Robert George)Chief Executive Officer30,000-Other at price 0.00 per share.
23 Mar 2009Aboud (Russell)Director (Independent)65,0001,333,735Sale at price 20.52 per share.
15 Oct 2008Aboud (Russell)Director (Independent)60,0001,301,544Sale at price 21.69 per share.