Acrux Limited (ASX:ACR) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Acrux Limited (ASX:ACR) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Acrux Limited's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Acrux Limited to the ASX stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Acrux Limited Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Acrux Limited (ACR).

DateDirectorDirector's TitleSharesValueNote
15 Sep 2021Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board81,944--
15 Jun 2021Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board81,944--
15 Mar 2021Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board81,944--
04 Feb 2021Brooke (Geoffrey E)Director (Non-Executive)318,47137,993Other at price 0.12 per share.
04 Feb 2021Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board640,00076,352Other at price 0.12 per share.
04 Feb 2021Gray (Norman)Director (Non-Executive)127,38915,197Other at price 0.12 per share.
04 Feb 2021Kotsanis (Michael)Chief Executive Officer320,00038,176Other at price 0.12 per share.
04 Feb 2021Oldham (Timothy Charles)Director (Non-Executive)63,6947,598Other at price 0.12 per share.
03 Feb 2021Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board191,08322,834Other at price 0.12 per share.
03 Feb 2021Kotsanis (Michael)Chief Executive Officer191,08322,834Other at price 0.12 per share.
03 Feb 2021Oldham (Timothy Charles)Director (Non-Executive)63,6957,611Other at price 0.12 per share.
15 Jan 2021Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board80,000--
15 Dec 2020Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board81,944--
15 Sep 2020Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board81,944--
15 Jul 2020Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board81,944--
30 Jun 2020Colagrande (Felicia)Director125,000--
16 Mar 2020Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board81,944--
17 Feb 2020Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board160,000--
15 Jan 2020Brooke (Geoffrey E)Director (Non-Executive)80,000--
04 Oct 2019Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board21,3002,594Purchase at price 0.12 per share.
03 Oct 2019Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board164,09419,904Purchase at price 0.12 per share.
24 Sep 2019Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board33,892--
20 Sep 2019Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board40,000--
10 Sep 2019Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board56,925--
06 Sep 2019Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board56,733--
13 Nov 2018Green (Simon)Independent Non-Executive Director69,83511,082Purchase at price 0.16 per share.
18 Oct 2018Oldham (Timothy Charles)Director (Non-Executive)80,00014,192Purchase at price 0.18 per share.
30 Jun 2018Webster (Nina)Director11,000--
26 Feb 2018Green (Simon)Independent Non-Executive Director60,6007,847Purchase at price 0.13 per share.
30 Jun 2017Oldham (Timothy Charles)Director (Non-Executive)400--
08 Dec 2016Parncutt (Jeffrey Bruce)Former718,137--
16 Nov 2016Brooke (Geoffrey E)Director (Non-Executive)75,75019,270Purchase at price 0.25 per share.
30 Jun 2015Blower (Clive)Former33,000--
30 Jun 2015Di Pietro (T)Former10,290--
30 Jun 2014Blower (Clive)Divisional Officer33,000--
30 Jun 2014Pilcher (Jonathan)Former100,000--
30 Jun 2014Webster (Nina)Director900--
08 Feb 2014Oldham (Timothy Charles)Director (Non-Executive)9,75017,855Purchase at price 1.83 per share.
22 Nov 2013Barrow (Ross)Director (Non-Executive)8,00018,331Purchase at price 2.29 per share.
23 Nov 2012Parncutt (Jeffrey Bruce)Director (Non-Executive)105,000317,982Purchase at price 3.03 per share.
27 Sep 2012Barrow (Ross)Director (Non-Executive)9,37531,310Purchase at price 3.34 per share.
10 Sep 2012Parncutt (Jeffrey Bruce)Director (Non-Executive)62,500206,906Purchase at price 3.31 per share.
30 Jun 2012Blower (Clive)Divisional Officer80,000--
30 Jun 2012Pilcher (Jonathan)Chief Financial Officer16,980--
30 Apr 2012Windle (Henry Kenneth)Former45,127--
23 Apr 2012Windle (Henry Kenneth)Deputy Chairman122,873500,596Sale at price 4.07 per share.
02 Apr 2012Windle (Henry Kenneth)Deputy Chairman510,0002,107,269Sale at price 4.13 per share.
02 Nov 2011Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board50,000173,685Sale at price 3.47 per share.
31 Aug 2011Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board70,000300,069Other at price 4.29 per share.
31 Aug 2011Finnin (Barrie Charles)Retired2,903,773--
30 Jun 2011Alsop (Hugh)Divisional Officer50,000--
30 Jun 2011Blower (Clive)Divisional Officer80,000--
30 Jun 2011Finnin (Barrie Charles)Director (Non-Executive)4,000--
30 Jun 2011Pilcher (Jonathan)Chief Financial Officer53,880--
30 Jun 2011Webster (Nina)Divisional Officer1,000--
16 Dec 2010Dobinson (Ross)Chairman of the Board1,492,593--
06 Dec 2010Treagus (Richard Spencer)Chief Executive Officer575,000--
31 Aug 2010Treagus (Richard Spencer)Chief Executive Officer2,692,4952,156,688Exercise at price 0.80 per share.
31 Aug 2010Treagus (Richard Spencer)Chief Executive Officer1,300,0002,198,300Sale at price 1.69 per share.
30 Jun 2010Alsop (Hugh)Divisional Officer50,000--
30 Jun 2010Cull (Rosalie)Former92,000--
30 Jun 2010Finnin (Barrie Charles)Director (Non-Executive)19,750--
30 Mar 2010Finnin (Barrie Charles)Director (Non-Executive)157,958--
30 Jun 2009Finnin (Barrie Charles)Director (Non-Executive)18,750--
30 Jun 2009Pilcher (Jonathan)Chief Financial Officer8,500--
30 Jun 2009Wilkins (Nina)Divisional Officer3,000--
11 Sep 2008Finnin (Barrie Charles)Director (Non-Executive)220,000185,130Other at price 0.84 per share.