Smurfit Kappa Group Plc (LSE:SKG) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Smurfit Kappa Group Plc (LSE:SKG) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Smurfit Kappa Group Plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Smurfit Kappa Group Plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Smurfit Kappa Group Plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Smurfit Kappa Group Plc (SKG).

02 Sep 2022BlackRock, Inc.1,151,373--
20 May 2022Beurskens (Frirts)1,95089,778Bought at price 46.04 per share.
19 May 2022Finan (Irial)5,000190,020Bought at price 38.00 per share.
19 Apr 2022BlackRock, Inc.1,215,080--
22 Mar 2022Mayer (Saverio)0--
04 Mar 2022BlackRock, Inc.3,514,539--
24 Feb 2022Bowles (Kenneth)47,930--
24 Feb 2022Bowles (Kenneth)33,0531,711,120Sold at price 51.77 per share.
24 Feb 2022Callan (Gillian Carson)7,995--
24 Feb 2022Callan (Gillian Carson)6,394331,010Sold at price 51.77 per share.
24 Feb 2022Smurfit (Anthony Paul James)100,133--
24 Feb 2022Smurfit (Anthony Paul James)50,0002,453,600Sold at price 49.07 per share.
24 Feb 2022Sellier (Laurent)32,481--
24 Feb 2022Sellier (Laurent)21,2551,100,350Sold at price 51.77 per share.
24 Feb 2022Regan (Paul Alexander)25,483--
24 Feb 2022Regan (Paul Alexander)13,292688,113Sold at price 51.77 per share.
24 Feb 2022Mayer (Saverio)47,376--
24 Feb 2022Mayer (Saverio)20,4351,057,899Sold at price 51.77 per share.
23 Dec 2021Anderson (Anne)1,03755,316Bought at price 53.34 per share.
27 Sep 2021Smurfit (Anthony Paul James)0--
14 Jul 2021Norges Bank2,050,982--
19 May 2021Smurfit (Anthony Paul James)3,000158,808Bought at price 52.94 per share.
15 Apr 2021Norges Bank3,905,743--
30 Mar 2021Norges Bank1,395,516--
12 Mar 2021Norges Bank0--
12 Mar 2021Rasmussen (Jorgen Buhl)0--
12 Mar 2021Moloney (John Joseph)0--
12 Mar 2021Hietala (Kaisa)0--
12 Mar 2021Lawrence (James)0--
12 Mar 2021Fairweather (Carol)0--
12 Mar 2021Finan (Irial)0--
12 Mar 2021Anderson (Anne)0--
12 Mar 2021Callan (Gillian Carson)0--
12 Mar 2021BlackRock, Inc.0--
12 Mar 2021Beurskens (Frirts)0--
24 Feb 2021Bowles (Kenneth)17,632852,965Sold at price 48.38 per share.
24 Feb 2021Callan (Gillian Carson)2,287128,600Sold at price 56.23 per share.
24 Feb 2021Regan (Paul Alexander)11,156539,682Sold at price 48.38 per share.
24 Feb 2021Mayer (Saverio)14,806716,255Sold at price 48.38 per share.
24 Feb 2021Castaneda (Juan Guillermo)10,513508,576Sold at price 48.38 per share.
23 Feb 2021Castaneda (Juan Guillermo)2,851--
23 Feb 2021Castaneda (Juan Guillermo)19,412--
23 Feb 2021Mayer (Saverio)6,609--
23 Feb 2021Mayer (Saverio)27,717--
23 Feb 2021Lawrence (James)165,0007,983,195Sold at price 48.38 per share.
23 Feb 2021Bowles (Kenneth)6,198--
23 Feb 2021Bowles (Kenneth)27,606--
23 Feb 2021Callan (Gillian Carson)0--
23 Feb 2021Callan (Gillian Carson)1,829--
23 Feb 2021Regan (Paul Alexander)3,357--
23 Feb 2021Regan (Paul Alexander)14,953--
23 Feb 2021Smurfit (Anthony Paul James)11,362--
23 Feb 2021Smurfit (Anthony Paul James)63,268--
31 Dec 2020Rasmussen (Jorgen Buhl)0--
31 Dec 2020Moloney (John Joseph)0--
31 Dec 2020Norges Bank0--
31 Dec 2020Hietala (Kaisa)0--
31 Dec 2020Lawrence (James)0--
31 Dec 2020Fairweather (Carol)0--
31 Dec 2020Finan (Irial)0--
31 Dec 2020Callan (Gillian Carson)0--
31 Dec 2020Anderson (Anne)0--
31 Dec 2020Beurskens (Frirts)0--
31 Dec 2020BlackRock, Inc.0--
19 Nov 2020Anderson (Anne)2,20689,051Bought at price 40.37 per share.
24 Aug 2020Lansdowne Partners International, Ltd.2,406,473--
10 Jul 2020Lansdowne Partners International, Ltd.2,302,480--
08 Jun 2020BlackRock, Inc.80,317--
25 May 2020BlackRock, Inc.38,689--
19 May 2020BlackRock, Inc.146,444--
18 May 2020BlackRock, Inc.8,649--
04 May 2020BlackRock, Inc.116,591--
28 Apr 2020Lansdowne Partners International, Ltd.221,477--
24 Apr 2020BlackRock, Inc.62,359--
17 Apr 2020Beurskens (Frirts)2,80093,721Bought at price 33.47 per share.
16 Apr 2020Anderson (Anne)3,668102,935Bought at price 28.06 per share.
16 Mar 2020BlackRock, Inc.56,954--
13 Mar 2020BlackRock, Inc.9,975--
11 Mar 2020BlackRock, Inc.1,547--
10 Mar 2020Lansdowne Partners International, Ltd.2,434,967--
06 Mar 2020Lansdowne Partners International, Ltd.0--
06 Mar 2020Lawrence (James)0--
06 Mar 2020Fairweather (Carol)0--
06 Mar 2020Finan (Irial)0--
06 Mar 2020Norges Bank0--
06 Mar 2020Moloney (John Joseph)0--
06 Mar 2020Rasmussen (Jorgen Buhl)0--
06 Mar 2020BlackRock, Inc.22,004--
06 Mar 2020BlackRock, Inc.0--
06 Mar 2020Beurskens (Frirts)0--
05 Mar 2020BlackRock, Inc.11,396--
03 Mar 2020BlackRock, Inc.30,479--
28 Feb 2020Mayer (Saverio)5,57439,943Bought at price 7.17 per share.
28 Feb 2020Mayer (Saverio)5,574181,901Sold at price 32.63 per share.
28 Feb 2020Norges Bank241,823--
19 Feb 2020BlackRock, Inc.568,505--
18 Feb 2020Bowles (Kenneth)20,512--
18 Feb 2020Bowles (Kenneth)10,705386,867Sold at price 36.14 per share.
18 Feb 2020Smurfit (Anthony Paul James)44,372--
18 Feb 2020Smurfit (Anthony Paul James)22,186801,779Sold at price 36.14 per share.
18 Feb 2020O'Riordan (Michael J)16,048--
18 Feb 2020O'Riordan (Michael J)16,048579,958Sold at price 36.14 per share.
18 Feb 2020Regan (Paul Alexander)13,072--
18 Feb 2020Regan (Paul Alexander)13,072472,409Sold at price 36.14 per share.
18 Feb 2020Mayer (Saverio)23,716--
18 Feb 2020Mayer (Saverio)9,716351,126Sold at price 36.14 per share.
18 Feb 2020Castaneda (Juan Guillermo)13,316--
18 Feb 2020Castaneda (Juan Guillermo)5,267190,344Sold at price 36.14 per share.
11 Feb 2020Lansdowne Partners International, Ltd.2,431,987--
31 Dec 2019Lansdowne Partners International, Ltd.0--
31 Dec 2019Lawrence (James)0--
31 Dec 2019Fairweather (Carol)0--
31 Dec 2019Finan (Irial)0--
31 Dec 2019BlackRock, Inc.0--
31 Dec 2019Beurskens (Frirts)0--
31 Dec 2019Rasmussen (Jorgen Buhl)0--
31 Dec 2019Norges Bank0--
31 Dec 2019O'Riordan (Michael J)0--
31 Dec 2019Moloney (John Joseph)0--
13 Dec 2019Mayer (Saverio)93234,922Bought at price 37.47 per share.
06 Dec 2019Lansdowne Partners International, Ltd.0--
05 Dec 2019Newell (Roberto Garcia)0--
05 Dec 2019Bories (Christel)0--
04 Nov 2019BlackRock, Inc.1,323,361--
28 Jun 2019Mayer (Saverio)18,82093,271Bought at price 4.96 per share.
28 Jun 2019Mayer (Saverio)10,820324,967Sold at price 30.03 per share.
03 May 2019O'Mahony (Liam)0--
26 Mar 2019BlackRock, Inc.89,879--
15 Mar 2019BlackRock, Inc.0--
15 Mar 2019Beurskens (Frirts)0--
15 Mar 2019Bories (Christel)0--
15 Mar 2019Bowles (Kenneth)0--
15 Mar 2019O'Mahony (Liam)0--
15 Mar 2019O'Riordan (Michael J)0--
15 Mar 2019Rasmussen (Jorgen Buhl)0--
15 Mar 2019Smurfit (Anthony Paul James)0--
15 Mar 2019Moloney (John Joseph)0--
15 Mar 2019Newell (Roberto Garcia)0--
15 Mar 2019Norges Bank0--
15 Mar 2019Thorne (Rosemary Prudence)0--
15 Mar 2019Lawrence (James)0--
15 Mar 2019Fairweather (Carol)0--
15 Mar 2019Finan (Irial)0--
15 Mar 2019GIC Private Limited0--
27 Feb 2019Castaneda (Juan Guillermo)11,982--
27 Feb 2019Castaneda (Juan Guillermo)4,788140,499Sold at price 29.34 per share.
27 Feb 2019Mayer (Saverio)11,809--
27 Feb 2019Regan (Paul Alexander)8,166--
27 Feb 2019Regan (Paul Alexander)4,166122,247Sold at price 29.34 per share.
27 Feb 2019O'Riordan (Michael J)9,247--