Flutter Entertainment plc (LSE:FLTR) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Flutter Entertainment plc (LSE:FLTR) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Flutter Entertainment plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Flutter Entertainment plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Flutter Entertainment plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Flutter Entertainment plc (FLTR).

26 Aug 2022Capital World Investors460,870--
19 Aug 2022Capital World Investors135,113--
22 Jul 2022BlackRock International Ltd.3,965--
21 Jul 2022BlackRock International Ltd.3,810--
20 Jul 2022BlackRock International Ltd.30,385--
01 Jul 2022BlackRock International Ltd.21,588--
20 Jun 2022BlackRock International Ltd.48,796--
10 Jun 2022BlackRock International Ltd.214,733--
06 Jun 2022Capital World Investors199,297--
01 Jun 2022Capital World Investors1,474,618--
19 May 2022BlackRock International Ltd.12,212--
17 May 2022BlackRock International Ltd.10,803--
13 May 2022BlackRock International Ltd.557,844--
04 May 2022Parvus Asset Management (UK) L.L.P.0--
31 Mar 2022Capital World Investors1,624,389--
11 Mar 2022MFS Investment Management0--
07 Mar 2022Cruickshank (Nancy)1,255130,985Bought at price 104.37 per share.
07 Mar 2022Jackson (Peter)32932,872Bought at price 99.92 per share.
04 Mar 2022BlackRock International Ltd.2,340,962--
03 Mar 2022Mc-Gann (Gary)2,200264,099Bought at price 120.05 per share.
03 Mar 2022Higginson (Andrew Thomas)3,343391,054Bought at price 116.98 per share.
02 Mar 2022Hill (Jonathan)0--
02 Mar 2022Flint (Richard)0--
02 Mar 2022Gadhia (Divyesh CPA)0--
02 Mar 2022BlackRock International Ltd.0--
02 Mar 2022Byng-Thorne (Zillah Ellen)0--
02 Mar 2022Capital World Investors0--
02 Mar 2022Cawley (Michael)0--
02 Mar 2022Caledonia (Private) Investments Pty. Ltd.0--
02 Mar 2022Rigby (Peter Stephen)0--
02 Mar 2022Mc-Gann (Gary)0--
02 Mar 2022Hurley (Alfred F JR)0--
02 Mar 2022Lazzarato (David Angelo)0--
02 Mar 2022Jackson (Peter)0--
02 Mar 2022Turner (Mary)0--
10 Feb 2022MFS Investment Management208,481--
08 Feb 2022MFS Investment Management3,968--
07 Feb 2022MFS Investment Management33,182--
31 Dec 2021MFS Investment Management0--
31 Dec 2021Turner (Mary)0--
31 Dec 2021Caledonia (Private) Investments Pty. Ltd.0--
31 Dec 2021Capital World Investors0--
31 Dec 2021BlackRock International Ltd.0--
31 Dec 2021Byng-Thorne (Zillah Ellen)0--
31 Dec 2021Cawley (Michael)0--
31 Dec 2021Gadhia (Divyesh CPA)0--
31 Dec 2021Flint (Richard)0--
31 Dec 2021Hill (Jonathan)0--
31 Dec 2021Jackson (Peter)0--
31 Dec 2021Hurley (Alfred F JR)0--
31 Dec 2021Mc-Gann (Gary)0--
31 Dec 2021Lazzarato (David Angelo)0--
31 Dec 2021Rigby (Peter Stephen)0--
01 Sep 2021Fastball Holdings LLC498,654--
11 Aug 2021Fastball Holdings LLC3,024,063--
31 Jul 2021Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
30 Jun 2021Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
24 Jun 2021Jackson (Peter)15,238--
24 Jun 2021Jackson (Peter)9,5141,881,764Sold at price 197.79 per share.
24 Jun 2021Jackson (Peter)5,7241,129,270Sold at price 197.29 per share.
16 Jun 2021MFS Investment Management310,043--
30 Apr 2021Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
27 Apr 2021Fastball Holdings LLC658,048--
06 Apr 2021Fastball Holdings LLC2,349,441--
31 Mar 2021Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
03 Mar 2021Capital World Investors1,888,882--
01 Mar 2021Capital World Investors0--
01 Mar 2021Cawley (Michael)0--
01 Mar 2021Caledonia (Private) Investments Pty. Ltd.0--
01 Mar 2021BlackRock International Ltd.0--
01 Mar 2021Byng-Thorne (Zillah Ellen)0--
01 Mar 2021Gadhia (Divyesh CPA)0--
01 Mar 2021Fastball Holdings LLC0--
01 Mar 2021Flint (Richard)0--
01 Mar 2021Hill (Jonathan)0--
01 Mar 2021Dyson (Ian)0--
01 Mar 2021Jackson (Peter)0--
01 Mar 2021Lazzarato (David Angelo)0--
01 Mar 2021Hurley (Alfred F JR)0--
01 Mar 2021Mc-Gann (Gary)0--
01 Mar 2021Turner (Mary)0--
01 Mar 2021MFS Investment Management0--
01 Mar 2021Rigby (Peter Stephen)0--
28 Feb 2021Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
05 Feb 2021Capital World Investors1,880,098--
29 Jan 2021Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
20 Jan 2021MFS Investment Management367,646--
15 Jan 2021Capital World Investors234,832--
04 Jan 2021Capital World Investors124,552--
31 Dec 2020Capital World Investors0--
31 Dec 2020BlackRock International Ltd.0--
31 Dec 2020Byng-Thorne (Zillah Ellen)0--
31 Dec 2020Caledonia (Private) Investments Pty. Ltd.229,248--
31 Dec 2020Cawley (Michael)0--
31 Dec 2020Caledonia (Private) Investments Pty. Ltd.0--
31 Dec 2020MFS Investment Management0--
31 Dec 2020Rigby (Peter Stephen)0--
31 Dec 2020Paddy Power Plc Employee Benefit Trust0--
31 Dec 2020Mc-Gann (Gary)0--
31 Dec 2020Lazzarato (David Angelo)0--
31 Dec 2020Jackson (Peter)0--
31 Dec 2020Hurley (Alfred F JR)0--
31 Dec 2020Flint (Richard)0--
31 Dec 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
31 Dec 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
31 Dec 2020Gadhia (Divyesh CPA)0--
31 Dec 2020Dyson (Ian)0--
31 Dec 2020Fastball Holdings LLC0--
31 Dec 2020Hill (Jonathan)0--
31 Dec 2020Turner (Mary)0--
30 Dec 2020Capital World Investors1,391,159--
30 Dec 2020Fastball Holdings LLC0--
08 Dec 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
08 Dec 2020Capital World Investors730--
08 Dec 2020Capital World Investors1,441,038--
04 Dec 2020Capital World Investors491,378--
30 Nov 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
27 Nov 2020BlackRock International Ltd.1,913,917--
31 Oct 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
28 Oct 2020Capital World Investors106,601--
30 Sep 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
18 Sep 2020Capital World Investors1,504,053--
31 Aug 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
31 Jul 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
28 Jul 2020Capital World Investors1,121,158--
02 Jul 2020Capital World Investors401,767--
30 Jun 2020Capital World Investors1,194,550--
30 Jun 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
26 Jun 2020Caledonia (Private) Investments Pty. Ltd.12,118,871--
25 Jun 2020BlackRock International Ltd.131,232--
19 Jun 2020Capital World Investors554,832--
12 Jun 2020BlackRock International Ltd.30,115--
11 Jun 2020BlackRock International Ltd.173,555--
09 Jun 2020Gadhia (Divyesh CPA)24,138--
05 Jun 2020BlackRock International Ltd.585,253--
05 Jun 2020Citigroup Global Markets Limited923,141--
05 Jun 2020Lazzarato (David Angelo)66896,431Sold at price 144.36 per share.
04 Jun 2020Hurley (Alfred F JR)682962Sold at price 1.41 per share.
04 Jun 2020Turner (Mary)682962Sold at price 1.41 per share.
03 Jun 2020Capital World Investors87,522--
02 Jun 2020Citigroup Global Markets Limited4,016,635--
31 May 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
29 May 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
28 May 2020Flutter Entertainment PLC0--
22 May 2020Flint (Richard)193--
22 May 2020Dyson (Ian)52--
22 May 2020Hill (Jonathan)28--
22 May 2020Mc-Gann (Gary)54--
22 May 2020Jackson (Peter)124--
22 May 2020Rigby (Peter Stephen)2--