Barratt Developments plc (LSE:BDEV) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Barratt Developments plc (LSE:BDEV) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Barratt Developments plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Barratt Developments plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Barratt Developments plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Barratt Developments plc (BDEV).

18 Mar 2022Capital World Investors2,731,459--
15 Feb 2022Thomas (David Fraser)0--
15 Feb 2022White (Sharon)0--
15 Feb 2022Boyes (Steven John)0--
15 Feb 2022Allan (John Murray)0--
15 Feb 2022Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
15 Feb 2022Bibby (Nina)0--
15 Feb 2022Bickerstaffe (Katie)0--
11 Feb 2022Scott (Michael Ian)5,00042,510Bought at price 8.50 per share.
10 Feb 2022Scott (Michael Ian)0--
10 Feb 2022Allan (John Murray)0--
10 Feb 2022Boyes (Steven John)0--
10 Feb 2022Thomas (David Fraser)0--
10 Feb 2022White (Sharon)0--
10 Feb 2022Bibby (Nina)0--
10 Feb 2022Bickerstaffe (Katie)3082,676Bought at price 8.69 per share.
10 Feb 2022Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
09 Dec 2021Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
09 Dec 2021Boyes (Steven John)0--
09 Dec 2021Allan (John Murray)0--
09 Dec 2021Scott (Michael Ian)6,73366,131Bought at price 9.82 per share.
09 Dec 2021Bibby (Nina)0--
09 Dec 2021Bickerstaffe (Katie)0--
09 Dec 2021Thomas (David Fraser)0--
09 Dec 2021White (Sharon)0--
25 Oct 2021Thomas (David Fraser)0--
25 Oct 2021White (Sharon)0--
25 Oct 2021Allan (John Murray)0--
25 Oct 2021Boyes (Steven John)0--
25 Oct 2021Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
25 Oct 2021Bibby (Nina)0--
25 Oct 2021Bickerstaffe (Katie)0--
21 Oct 2021Boyes (Steven John)172,481--
21 Oct 2021Boyes (Steven John)81,188725,577Sold at price 8.94 per share.
21 Oct 2021Boyes (Steven John)46,787--
21 Oct 2021Boyes (Steven John)22,023196,819Sold at price 8.94 per share.
21 Oct 2021Thomas (David Fraser)217,940--
21 Oct 2021Thomas (David Fraser)102,586916,811Sold at price 8.94 per share.
21 Oct 2021Thomas (David Fraser)49,445--
21 Oct 2021Thomas (David Fraser)23,275208,008Sold at price 8.94 per share.
03 Sep 2021Thomas (David Fraser)0--
03 Sep 2021White (Sharon)0--
03 Sep 2021Boyes (Steven John)0--
03 Sep 2021Bibby (Nina)0--
03 Sep 2021Bickerstaffe (Katie)0--
03 Sep 2021Allan (John Murray)5,53055,432Bought at price 10.02 per share.
03 Sep 2021Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
01 Sep 2021Capital World Investors0--
01 Sep 2021BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd.0--
01 Sep 2021Royal Bank of Canada0--
01 Sep 2021Fidelity Investment Services Ltd0--
31 Aug 2021Bibby (Nina)0--
31 Aug 2021Bickerstaffe (Katie)0--
31 Aug 2021Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
31 Aug 2021White (Jessica)0--
31 Aug 2021White (Sharon)0--
31 Aug 2021Akers (Richard J)0--
31 Aug 2021Allan (John Murray)0--
27 Jul 2021Allan (John Murray)0--
27 Jul 2021Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
27 Jul 2021Bibby (Nina)0--
27 Jul 2021Bickerstaffe (Katie)0--
27 Jul 2021Thomas (David Fraser)0--
27 Jul 2021White (Sharon)0--
27 Jul 2021Boyes (Steven John)0--
26 Jul 2021Boyes (Steven John)2,00412,430Exercise of Option at price 6.20 per share.
20 Jul 2021Boyes (Steven John)0--
20 Jul 2021Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
20 Jul 2021Allan (John Murray)0--
20 Jul 2021Thomas (David Fraser)0--
20 Jul 2021White (Sharon)0--
20 Jul 2021Bibby (Nina)0--
20 Jul 2021Bickerstaffe (Katie)0--
19 Jul 2021Thomas (David Fraser)3,11220,508Exercise of Option at price 6.59 per share.
30 Jun 2021Thomas (David Fraser)0--
30 Jun 2021White (Jessica)0--
30 Jun 2021White (Sharon)0--
30 Jun 2021Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
30 Jun 2021Capital World Investors0--
30 Jun 2021BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd.0--
30 Jun 2021Boyes (Steven John)0--
30 Jun 2021Fidelity Investment Services Ltd0--
30 Jun 2021Bibby (Nina)0--
30 Jun 2021Bickerstaffe (Katie)0--
30 Jun 2021Royal Bank of Canada0--
30 Jun 2021Akers (Richard J)0--
30 Jun 2021Allan (John Murray)0--
13 Jan 2021Capital World Investors4,968,340--
25 Nov 2020Akers (Richard J)0--
25 Nov 2020Allan (John Murray)0--
25 Nov 2020Thomas (David Fraser)0--
25 Nov 2020White (Jessica)0--
25 Nov 2020White (Sharon)0--
25 Nov 2020Boyes (Steven John)0--
25 Nov 2020Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
25 Nov 2020Bibby (Nina)0--
24 Nov 2020Boyes (Steven John)76,998--
24 Nov 2020Boyes (Steven John)36,244314,162Sold at price 8.67 per share.
24 Nov 2020Boyes (Steven John)1,93912,015Exercise of Option at price 6.20 per share.
24 Nov 2020Thomas (David Fraser)97,292--
24 Nov 2020Thomas (David Fraser)45,797396,968Sold at price 8.67 per share.
24 Nov 2020White (Jessica)25,181--
24 Nov 2020White (Jessica)11,857102,776Sold at price 8.67 per share.
11 Nov 2020Royal Bank of Canada34,535--
01 Sep 2020BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd.0--
01 Sep 2020Boyes (Steven John)0--
01 Sep 2020Bibby (Nina)0--
01 Sep 2020Akers (Richard J)0--
01 Sep 2020Allan (John Murray)0--
01 Sep 2020Thomas (David Fraser)0--
01 Sep 2020White (Jessica)0--
01 Sep 2020White (Sharon)0--
01 Sep 2020Fidelity Investment Services Ltd0--
01 Sep 2020Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
13 Jul 2020Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
13 Jul 2020Bibby (Nina)0--
13 Jul 2020Boyes (Steven John)0--
13 Jul 2020Akers (Richard J)0--
13 Jul 2020Allan (John Murray)0--
13 Jul 2020Thomas (David Fraser)0--
13 Jul 2020White (Jessica)0--
13 Jul 2020White (Sharon)6364,326Bought at price 6.80 per share.
07 Jul 2020Royal Bank of Canada254,145--
30 Jun 2020Royal Bank of Canada0--
30 Jun 2020Thomas (David Fraser)0--
30 Jun 2020White (Jessica)0--
30 Jun 2020Bibby (Nina)0--
30 Jun 2020Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
30 Jun 2020Akers (Richard J)0--
30 Jun 2020Allan (John Murray)0--
30 Jun 2020Fidelity Investment Services Ltd0--
30 Jun 2020BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd.0--
30 Jun 2020Boyes (Steven John)0--
08 Apr 2020Boyes (Steven John)318,910--
08 Apr 2020Bibby (Nina)0--
08 Apr 2020Thomas (David Fraser)0--
08 Apr 2020White (Jessica)0--
08 Apr 2020Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
08 Apr 2020Akers (Richard J)0--
08 Apr 2020Allan (John Murray)0--
06 Apr 2020Royal Bank of Canada0--
12 Feb 2020Boyes (Steven John)116,0901,266,774Sold at price 10.91 per share.
17 Oct 2019Boyes (Steven John)50,795--
17 Oct 2019Boyes (Steven John)23,910206,462Sold at price 8.63 per share.
17 Oct 2019Akers (Richard J)0--
17 Oct 2019Allan (John Murray)0--
17 Oct 2019Bibby (Nina)0--
17 Oct 2019Lennox (Jock Fyfe)0--
17 Oct 2019Thomas (David Fraser)64,182--
17 Oct 2019Thomas (David Fraser)30,211260,871Sold at price 8.63 per share.