Ashtead Group plc (LSE:AHT) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Ashtead Group plc (LSE:AHT) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Ashtead Group plc's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Ashtead Group plc to the LSE stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Ashtead Group plc Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Ashtead Group plc (AHT).

29 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0001,898,775Buy Back at price 42.20 per share.
28 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc44,9091,958,032Buy Back at price 43.60 per share.
27 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0001,968,030Buy Back at price 43.73 per share.
24 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc52,5002,233,822Buy Back at price 42.55 per share.
23 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc52,5002,138,220Buy Back at price 40.73 per share.
22 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc52,5002,152,132Buy Back at price 40.99 per share.
21 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc52,5002,199,592Buy Back at price 41.90 per share.
20 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0001,891,890Buy Back at price 42.04 per share.
17 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0001,974,240Buy Back at price 43.87 per share.
16 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,060,324Buy Back at price 45.78 per share.
15 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,058,345Buy Back at price 45.74 per share.
14 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0001,980,630Buy Back at price 44.01 per share.
13 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,105,505Buy Back at price 46.79 per share.
10 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0001,972,200Buy Back at price 49.30 per share.
09 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc39,8692,012,786Buy Back at price 50.48 per share.
08 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,057,920Buy Back at price 51.45 per share.
07 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,085,560Buy Back at price 52.14 per share.
06 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,087,000Buy Back at price 52.17 per share.
01 Jun 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,047,040Buy Back at price 51.18 per share.
31 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,110,240Buy Back at price 52.76 per share.
30 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc32316,977Buy Back at price 52.56 per share.
27 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc21,5091,101,454Buy Back at price 51.21 per share.
26 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,247,075Buy Back at price 49.94 per share.
25 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,190,285Buy Back at price 48.67 per share.
24 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc44,9332,196,684Buy Back at price 48.89 per share.
23 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,215,980Buy Back at price 49.24 per share.
20 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,181,915Buy Back at price 48.49 per share.
19 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,084,130Buy Back at price 46.31 per share.
18 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,167,560Buy Back at price 48.17 per share.
17 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,220,660Buy Back at price 49.35 per share.
16 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,156,625Buy Back at price 47.92 per share.
13 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,169,450Buy Back at price 48.21 per share.
12 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,068,470Buy Back at price 45.97 per share.
11 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,114,055Buy Back at price 46.98 per share.
10 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc45,0002,127,015Buy Back at price 47.27 per share.
09 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0001,865,920Buy Back at price 46.65 per share.
06 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0001,944,800Buy Back at price 48.62 per share.
05 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,067,280Buy Back at price 51.68 per share.
04 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,071,879Buy Back at price 51.80 per share.
03 May 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,057,160Buy Back at price 51.43 per share.
29 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,106,920Buy Back at price 52.67 per share.
28 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,124,480Buy Back at price 53.11 per share.
27 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,124,120Buy Back at price 53.10 per share.
26 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc40,0002,218,200Buy Back at price 55.45 per share.
25 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc35,0001,984,255Buy Back at price 56.69 per share.
21 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc26,3201,660,634Buy Back at price 63.09 per share.
20 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc35,0002,155,300Buy Back at price 61.58 per share.
19 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc35,0002,071,895Buy Back at price 59.20 per share.
14 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc35,0002,086,560Buy Back at price 59.62 per share.
13 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc35,0002,087,645Buy Back at price 59.65 per share.
12 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc35,0002,075,220Buy Back at price 59.29 per share.
11 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc35,0002,095,835Buy Back at price 59.88 per share.
08 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc35,0002,135,840Buy Back at price 61.02 per share.
07 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc35,0002,100,175Buy Back at price 60.01 per share.
06 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc30,0001,792,800Buy Back at price 59.76 per share.
05 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc30,0001,856,700Buy Back at price 61.89 per share.
04 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc30,0001,883,160Buy Back at price 62.77 per share.
01 Apr 2022Ashtead Group Plc30,0001,889,310Buy Back at price 62.98 per share.
31 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc25,0001,594,025Buy Back at price 63.76 per share.
30 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc25,0001,619,050Buy Back at price 64.76 per share.
29 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc16,7011,112,470Buy Back at price 66.61 per share.
28 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc25,0001,676,400Buy Back at price 67.06 per share.
25 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc25,0001,696,300Buy Back at price 67.85 per share.
24 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc25,0001,717,749Buy Back at price 68.71 per share.
23 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc25,0001,777,124Buy Back at price 71.08 per share.
22 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc25,0001,793,825Buy Back at price 71.75 per share.
21 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,9041,789,800Buy Back at price 71.87 per share.
18 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc30,0002,156,100Buy Back at price 71.87 per share.
15 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc6,223410,867Buy Back at price 66.02 per share.
14 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc2,275147,224Buy Back at price 64.71 per share.
11 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc30,0001,897,890Buy Back at price 63.26 per share.
10 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc30,0001,877,280Buy Back at price 62.58 per share.
09 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc30,0001,900,170Buy Back at price 63.34 per share.
08 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,492,639Buy Back at price 61.81 per share.
07 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,446,971Buy Back at price 59.92 per share.
04 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,490,562Buy Back at price 61.72 per share.
03 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,612,809Buy Back at price 66.78 per share.
02 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc20,1101,337,697Buy Back at price 66.52 per share.
01 Mar 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,564,775Buy Back at price 64.79 per share.
28 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,554,245Buy Back at price 64.36 per share.
25 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,526,714Buy Back at price 63.22 per share.
24 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,458,056Buy Back at price 60.38 per share.
23 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,543,957Buy Back at price 63.93 per share.
22 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,537,678Buy Back at price 63.67 per share.
21 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,523,406Buy Back at price 63.08 per share.
18 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,582,887Buy Back at price 65.54 per share.
17 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,643,890Buy Back at price 68.07 per share.
16 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,618,508Buy Back at price 67.02 per share.
15 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,608,293Buy Back at price 66.60 per share.
14 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,580,351Buy Back at price 65.44 per share.
11 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,651,787Buy Back at price 68.40 per share.
10 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,677,990Buy Back at price 69.48 per share.
09 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,664,707Buy Back at price 68.93 per share.
08 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,622,324Buy Back at price 67.18 per share.
07 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc24,1501,614,282Buy Back at price 66.84 per share.
04 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc23,0001,582,285Buy Back at price 68.80 per share.
03 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc23,0001,633,483Buy Back at price 71.02 per share.
02 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc23,0001,689,396Buy Back at price 73.45 per share.
01 Feb 2022Ashtead Group Plc23,0001,658,368Buy Back at price 72.10 per share.
31 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc20,6211,462,214Buy Back at price 70.91 per share.
28 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc32,0002,247,584Buy Back at price 70.24 per share.
27 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc32,0002,237,984Buy Back at price 69.94 per share.
26 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc32,0002,185,632Buy Back at price 68.30 per share.
25 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc32,0002,138,624Buy Back at price 66.83 per share.
24 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0001,799,009Buy Back at price 66.63 per share.
21 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0001,871,505Buy Back at price 69.31 per share.
20 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0001,917,567Buy Back at price 71.02 per share.
19 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0001,935,630Buy Back at price 71.69 per share.
18 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,021,652Buy Back at price 74.88 per share.
18 Jan 2022Ribeiro (Renata)14010,537Bought at price 75.27 per share.
17 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,110,644Buy Back at price 78.17 per share.
14 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,129,004Buy Back at price 78.85 per share.
13 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,156,949Buy Back at price 79.89 per share.
12 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,153,736Buy Back at price 79.77 per share.
11 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,121,606Buy Back at price 78.58 per share.
10 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,142,693Buy Back at price 79.36 per share.
07 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,237,058Buy Back at price 82.85 per share.
06 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,229,147Buy Back at price 82.56 per share.
05 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc26,8352,241,259Buy Back at price 83.52 per share.
04 Jan 2022Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,222,154Buy Back at price 82.30 per share.
17 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,173,824Buy Back at price 80.51 per share.
16 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,196,855Buy Back at price 81.36 per share.
14 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,191,374Buy Back at price 81.16 per share.
13 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,235,897Buy Back at price 82.81 per share.
10 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,241,648Buy Back at price 83.02 per share.
09 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,273,157Buy Back at price 84.19 per share.
08 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc27,0002,307,474Buy Back at price 85.46 per share.
07 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc16,0871,363,148Buy Back at price 84.74 per share.
06 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,549,146Buy Back at price 81.53 per share.
03 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,545,802Buy Back at price 81.36 per share.
02 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,542,667Buy Back at price 81.19 per share.
01 Dec 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,552,680Buy Back at price 81.72 per share.
30 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,532,559Buy Back at price 80.66 per share.
29 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,557,924Buy Back at price 82.00 per share.
26 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,558,513Buy Back at price 82.03 per share.
25 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,585,037Buy Back at price 83.42 per share.
24 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,556,271Buy Back at price 81.91 per share.
23 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,580,021Buy Back at price 83.16 per share.
22 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,617,755Buy Back at price 85.14 per share.
19 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,612,777Buy Back at price 84.88 per share.
18 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,627,331Buy Back at price 85.65 per share.
17 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,616,121Buy Back at price 85.06 per share.
16 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,615,874Buy Back at price 85.05 per share.
15 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,618,363Buy Back at price 85.18 per share.
12 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,643,500Buy Back at price 86.50 per share.
11 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,622,106Buy Back at price 85.37 per share.
10 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,592,143Buy Back at price 83.80 per share.
09 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,631,682Buy Back at price 85.88 per share.
08 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc19,0001,636,641Buy Back at price 86.14 per share.
05 Nov 2021Ashtead Group Plc21,0001,787,814Buy Back at price 85.13 per share.