New World Development Company Limited (HKEX:0017) Annual Report 2021

The latest annual report of New World Development Company Limited (0017) was published on 30 Jun 2021. An annual report is a document that public corporations must provide annually to shareholders that describes their operations and financial conditions. Typically, an annual report will contain sections such as General corporate information, Operating and Financial highlights, Letter to shareholders from the CEO, Financial statements etc.

Key Statistics - 0017 Annual Results

Amounts in HKD

Total Revenue
Gross Profit
Net Tangible Assets
Net Income
Capital Expenditures

0017 Income Statement 2021 Annual Report

As per the latest Income Statement of 0017, the Net revenue increased by $9.2254B (16%) compared to the previous period. The operating income in 2021 decreased by $-5.6961B (-60%). The net income as per the annual report was 3.45B which increased by $669.70M (24%) compared to previous year.

Income Statement Report (2021/2020)

Total Revenue68.23B59.01B
Gross Profit18.68B19.88B
Operating Income3.85B9.55B
Income Before Tax10.37B10.79B
Net Income3.45B2.78B

Balance Sheet - 0017 2021 Annual Report

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The latest balance sheet from annual result of New World Development Company Limited showed the company reduced the cash on balance sheet by $-5.6762B (-8%). The Net tangible assets of 0017 on the balance sheet were at 244.34B which is $22.3139B (10%) more than previous annual report. The total stockholder equity also increased by $22.1517B (9%) compared to previous reporting period.

Balance Sheet Statement Report (2021/2020)

Total Assets627.08B 600.2B
Long Term Debt138.5B135.73B
Total Liabilities322.88B 320.45B
Total Shareholder Equity272.27B250.12B
Net Tangible Assets244.34B222.03B

Cash Flow Statement - 0017 2021 Annual Report

The 2021 annual cash flow statement of New World Development Company Limited showed that the net income increased by $669.70M (24%) compared to previous reporting period. Also the capital expenditure of 0017 increased by $9.6351B (57%).

As of 2021, the total cash from investing activities was 3.04B and total cash from financing activities was -17.91B.

Cash Flow Statement Report (2021/2020)

Net Income3.45B2.78B
Capital Expenditures-7.16B-16.8B
Dividends Paid-5.19B-5.22B
Total Cash From From Investing Activities3.04B-17.07B
Total Cash From From Financing Activities-17.91B28.53B

New World Development Company Limited Annual Report History

Income Statement

Income Statement history of New World Development Company Limited (HKEX:0017)

30 Jun 202130 Jun 202030 Jun 201930 Jun 2018
Total Revenue68.23B59.01B76.76B60.69B
Cost Of Revenue49.55B39.12B51.98B40.13B
Gross Profit18.68B19.88B24.78B20.56B
Research Development----
Selling General Administrative10.43B10.35B10.59B9.23B
Non Recurring----
Other Operating Expenses4.4B-6.8M84.1M-428.7M
Total Operating Expenses64.38B49.46B62.65B48.92B
Operating Income3.85B9.55B14.11B11.77B
Total Other Income Expense Net6.52B1.25B15.01B21.59B
Interest Expense-3.09B-4.84B-2.47B-2.18B
Income Before Tax10.37B10.79B29.13B33.35B
Income Tax Expense5.66B7.53B7.49B6.27B
Minority Interest31.93B29.63B29.99B29.48B
Net Income From Continuing Ops4.7B3.27B21.64B27.08B
Discontinued Operations----
Extraordinary Items----
Effect Of Accounting Charges----
Other Items----
Net Income3.45B2.78B18.96B23.87B
Net Income Applicable To Common Shares1.17B1.1B18.16B23.34B

Balance Sheet Statement

Balance Sheet Statement history of New World Development Company Limited (HKEX:0017)

30 Jun 202130 Jun 202030 Jun 201930 Jun 2018
Short Term Investments16.66B16.33B8.18B10.74B
Net Receivables17.29B18.27B16.01B12.72B
Other Current Assets21.01B12.18B3.34B4.9B
Total Current Assets208.06B182.27B150.16B172.06B
Long Term Investments123.16B118.45B89.79B86.44B
Property Plant Equipment30.42B38.61B31.02B29.94B
Good Will7.85B8.05B3.03B3.29B
Intangible Assets20.07B20.04B11.62B12.96B
Other Assets237.51B232.77B217.66B176.77B
Deferred Long Term Asset Charges1.74B1.12B763.5M749.3M
Total Assets627.08B600.2B503.28B481.45B
Accounts Payable12.52B10.6B11.13B13.04B
Short Long Term Debt12.57B36.44B25.98B11.85B
Other Current Liab72.15B64.74B46.62B59.21B
Long Term Debt138.5B135.73B115.1B120.49B
Other Liab29.62B26.35B11.56B11.09B
Deferred Long Term Liab1.71B688.2M--
Minority Interest31.93B29.63B29.99B29.48B
Total Current Liabilities149.56B152.61B101.26B94.69B
Total Liab322.88B320.45B227.92B226.27B
Common Stock78.37B78.23B77.88B77.53B
Retained Earnings125.56B129.83B137.15B124.65B
Treasury Stock68.33B42.06B30.35B23.52B
Other Stockholder Equity68.33B42.06B30.35B23.52B
Total Stockholder Equity272.27B250.12B245.37B225.7B
Net Tangible Assets244.34B222.03B230.72B209.45B

Cash Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statement history of New World Development Company Limited (HKEX:0017)

30 Jun 202130 Jun 202030 Jun 201930 Jun 2018
Net Income3.45B2.78B18.96B23.87B
Change To Netincome-19.12B-13.81B-9.64B-17.78B
Change To Account Receivables-239.6M-12.27B-693.7M-4.77B
Change To Liabilities9.37B-2.05B-16.29B13.95B
Change To Inventory9.1M42.9M25.8M-72.8M
Change To Operating Activities6.88B1.78B12.2B-10.01B
Total Cash From Operating Activities9.65B-10.29B7.01B7.68B
Capital Expenditures-7.16B-16.8B-10.14B-9.97B
Other Cashflows From Investing Activities3.98B5.58B4.56B4.3B
Total Cashflows From Investing Activities3.04B-17.07B-19.16B6.82B
Dividends Paid-5.19B-5.22B-4.9B-858.3M
Net Borrowings-15.45B27.15B12.6B-6.79B
Other Cashflows From Financing Activities2.97B6.86B4.96B-6.89B
Total Cash From Financing Activities-17.91B28.53B12.69B-14.18B
Effect Of Exchange Rate2.44B-241.5M-756.4M514.8M
Change In Cash-2.78B927.7M-207.7M833.7M
Repurchase Of Stock-379.2M-614.8M-322.1M-130.9M
Issuance Of Stock147.6M350.4M349.4M490.2M