Advanced Share Registry Limited (ASX:ASW) Directors Insider Transactions

The Directors and Chief Executives of Advanced Share Registry Limited (ASX:ASW) are required by law to report any insider transaction activities i.e. buying, selling, option exercising the Advanced Share Registry Limited's shares in the stock market. Below table shows the list of insider transactions as reported by Advanced Share Registry Limited to the ASX stock exchange.

An insider trade occurs when an individual (such as a CEO, CFO or COO) that has non-public information about a company buys or sells shares of that company's stock. Tracking a company's insider trades is a metric that can be used to identify the direction that the company's executives believes that the company is headed. For example, if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future.

Advanced Share Registry Limited Directors/Insider Transactions Activity

List of Insider trades activity from Advanced Share Registry Limited (ASW).

DateDirectorDirector's TitleSharesValueNote
26 Nov 2021Cato (Simon Kenneth)Non Executive Chairman1,925,000--
26 Nov 2021Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer84,450,569--
26 Nov 2021Third (Stuart)Alternate Director35,000--
30 Sep 2021Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer0--
05 May 2021Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer2,0001,406Purchase at price 0.70 per share.
06 Oct 2020Tan (Kong Kee Alvin)Former545,500--
14 May 2020Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer5,0002,261Purchase at price 0.45 per share.
16 Apr 2020Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer4,0001,705Purchase at price 0.43 per share.
19 Mar 2020Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer2,000754Purchase at price 0.38 per share.
13 Nov 2019Cato (Simon Kenneth)Chairman of the Board30,000--
13 Nov 2019Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer150,000--
13 Nov 2019Tan (Kong Kee Alvin)Director (Non-Executive)20,000--
13 Nov 2019Winduss (Alan Charles)Secretary20,000--
23 Oct 2019Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer1,000489Purchase at price 0.49 per share.
25 Sep 2019Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer4,8492,327Purchase at price 0.48 per share.
11 Jun 2019Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer4,0001,966Purchase at price 0.49 per share.
21 Mar 2019Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer3,0001,471Purchase at price 0.49 per share.
06 Mar 2019Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer5,0002,401Purchase at price 0.48 per share.
29 Oct 2018Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer3,0001,449Purchase at price 0.48 per share.
12 Oct 2018Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer7,6113,628Purchase at price 0.48 per share.
03 Apr 2018Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer4,7852,841Purchase at price 0.59 per share.
05 Mar 2018Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer4,0002,328Purchase at price 0.58 per share.
26 Feb 2018Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer2,0001,178Purchase at price 0.59 per share.
17 Oct 2017Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer2,0001,270Purchase at price 0.64 per share.
09 Dec 2016Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer3,0001,736Purchase at price 0.58 per share.
02 Dec 2016Winduss (Alan Charles)Secretary5,0002,760Purchase at price 0.55 per share.
17 Oct 2016Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer1,000609Purchase at price 0.61 per share.
12 Aug 2016Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer5,4453,094Purchase at price 0.57 per share.
05 May 2016Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer3,0001,470Purchase at price 0.49 per share.
11 Mar 2016Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer4,0001,981Purchase at price 0.50 per share.
25 Feb 2016Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer2,000886Purchase at price 0.44 per share.
25 Feb 2016Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer10,0004,434Purchase at price 0.44 per share.
20 Jan 2016Third (Stuart)Alternate Director10,000--
12 Jan 2016Third (Stuart)Former10,000--
19 Oct 2015Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer1,000501Purchase at price 0.50 per share.
22 May 2015Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer3,1441,723Purchase at price 0.55 per share.
07 May 2015Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer5,9703,061Purchase at price 0.51 per share.
23 Apr 2015Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer10,0005,008Purchase at price 0.50 per share.
29 Dec 2014Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer5,0002,597Purchase at price 0.52 per share.
26 Nov 2014Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer800447Purchase at price 0.56 per share.
12 Nov 2014Cato (Simon Kenneth)Chairman of the Board25,000--
12 Nov 2014Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer50,000--
12 Nov 2014Tan (Kong Kee Alvin)Director (Non-Executive)15,000--
12 Nov 2014Winduss (Alan Charles)Secretary20,000--
10 Oct 2014Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer830466Purchase at price 0.56 per share.
09 Sep 2014Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer5,8003,339Purchase at price 0.58 per share.
09 Oct 2012Tan (Kong Kee Alvin)Director (Non-Executive)40,00028,560Purchase at price 0.71 per share.
08 Jul 2010Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer2,000,000873,800Sale at price 0.44 per share.
22 Mar 2010Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer5,0001,784Purchase at price 0.36 per share.
15 Sep 2009Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer5,0001,073Purchase at price 0.21 per share.
08 Jan 2009Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer12,0002,130Purchase at price 0.18 per share.
12 Nov 2008Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer12,0001,932Other at price 0.16 per share.
12 Nov 2008Tan (Kong Kee Alvin)Director (Non-Executive)50,0008,370Other at price 0.17 per share.
28 Oct 2008Vaughan (Michael Thomas)Director5,000749Other at price 0.15 per share.
27 Oct 2008Tan (Kong Kee Alvin)Director (Non-Executive)25,0003,187Other at price 0.13 per share.
17 Oct 2008Vaughan (Michael Thomas)Director5,000862Other at price 0.17 per share.
14 Oct 2008Vaughan (Michael Thomas)Director10,0001,818Other at price 0.18 per share.
13 Oct 2008Vaughan (Michael Thomas)Director15,0002,524Other at price 0.17 per share.
01 Sep 2008Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer5,0001,485Other at price 0.30 per share.
24 Jun 2008Chong (Kim Phin)Chief Executive Officer5,0001,865Other at price 0.37 per share.